Game Overview: Royal Wedding Outfit Spy Hunt

Royal Wedding Outfit Spy Hunt

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From the upper echelons British Society to masses who will line the streets of Windsor punctuated with the glorious uniforms of our great State institutions a Royal Wedding is all about the Royal Wedding Outfits, darling!  At no other event will pound-shop polyester wigs be one television shot from this season’s must-have hairpiece.  Celebrate the incongruity, fashion disasters and stylistic symmetry among both the men and women of the invited guests who will be celebrating with Harry and Meghan in Windsor.   We’ve also included a bonus round for those eye-catching uniforms which contribute so much to the spectacle!

How to play Royal Wedding Outfit Spy Hunt

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It is really easy to play, print out the Royal Wedding Outfits Spy Hunt playing cards – they are A6 size (4-1/8 x 5-7/8 inches).  When it is time for the coverage to start, dish out playing cards and pens and get watching those Royal Wedding Outfits as the guests arrive!  As you see a type of outfit listed on the cards shout it out, as long as someone else saw it too you can cross it off.  The winner is the person at the end with the most outfits spotted!  Really easy to play and a great way to be glued to the coverage and not miss one of those fashion disasters!


What Royal Wedding outfits will we be looking for?!

royal wedding outfits front cover prince harry meghan markle


But what ‘Royal Wedding Outfits’ are you looking out for?  Well for the ladies the hats are the stars of the show!  There’s the standard hats which ‘matches the colour of the dress’ to the ‘enormous feathers’ along with the inevitable ones which ‘defy belief’ (keep an eye on Princess Beatrice for those!).  But the men aren’t left out and you’ll be looking out for a ‘bad comb-over’, glorious side-burns and wearing a top hat!  A wonderful hilarious way to gaze in wonder at what some people think is acceptable for a wedding!  As a special bonus round I’ve included some of the outfits worn by those in Service that day, from the Royal Guards to the policemen, keen-eyed fashionistas will be in their element!

I love the design of this game, with Big Ben, the fashionistas and one of the Queen’s corgi’s gracing the cover.  Inside one of those splendid hats we are so looking forward to seeing sits on a Royal Blue background; it screams British!  This game would pair perfectly with the Celebrity spy hunt, and of course the Royal Wedding drinking game or if you wanted something a bit more serious the royal wedding traditions quiz would be perfect.  To review the full range go to

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