Baby Shower Party Games which Rock

Here is our range of picks for great Baby Shower Games to Play.  You can browse or read my Buying Guide + Top Picks at the bottom of the page 🙂

Baby Shower Games to Play Top Picks + Buying Guide

Baby Shower Party Games to Play

Planning a Baby Shower? Are you a coll cucumber, or you mrs stressed-out?! Well I don’t want to add to your pressure, but choosing the right Baby Shower Party Games to Play is a critical decision in making the whole Baby Shower a success! But hey, don’t worry, I have taken care if all the game decisions for you; you’re welcome!

Below are my top Five picks for Baby Shower Party Games to Play at your Baby Shower ?


Predictions and Wishes Keepsake Game

This is the Baby Shower Party Game to Play at any shower. Capturing this moment before the arrival of a life-changing new baby is such an important part of a Baby Shower. The Predictions and Wishes game is a beautiful game which enables everyone to remain part of the memories long after the Baby Shower has finished.

Baby Shower Taboo

Playing Taboo – the banned word Baby Shower Game – is great fun and enables everyone to have a giggle, or just be a guesser if they prefer to stay in the background. This twist on charades is a lovely baby shower party game to play with any age of guests as everyone can participate.

How Big is Mummy’s Tummy

That gorgeous rotund, shapely, tummy is emblematic of pregnancy and should be utterly celebrated when choosing your Baby Shower Party Games to Play! A lovely printed sheet where everyone puts their guesses. Finally the tummy is measured and a winner declared! This is a lovely keepsake too, meaning you have everyone’s guesses and the correct answer all on one lovely printed sheet.

Baby Shower Bingo

I make no apologies for including this classic among the Baby Shower party games to play. Everyone knows how to play, all ages can participate and you get that lovely bit of quiet competitive tension which everyone enjoys. I don’ think it should be the only game you play, but it certainly has a place in the Baby Shower Games to Play.

Parenting Would you Rather

Okay, this one is a little unusual but it really will get everyone laughing! Whether you have a room full of experienced mums, a mixture or lots of kid-free guests it won’t matter. Everyone can unite in horror over the either/or parenting choices that you have to choose between like ‘find poo on your favourite rug or find pee in your bed’! Of course only suitable if you are with people who aren’t offended, or who are fine with laughing over the realities of parenting, but this is a great fun game!

So these are a few of my Baby Shower party Games to Play picks, to see the full range of Baby Shower Party Games click here

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