Favourite Baby Shower Games you HAVE to Play!

Here are some of our absolute bestselling games!  Have a browse on your own, or if you’d like a bit more help see my Buying Guide + Top Picks at the bottom of the page 🙂

Favourite Baby Shower Games Buying Guide + Top Picks

Baby Showers are quite new to the UK  but we already have our own Favourite Baby Shower Games: Baby Shower UK Style if you will!  So perhaps too new to have Classic Baby Shower Game Picks?  But certainly we have clear Favourite Baby Shower Games emerging!  Once you have your baby shower theme and baby shower decorations the games are the logical next step, and often the hardest to tackle.  Don’t worry, I am here to help!


Why have Baby Shower Games?

Well Baby Showers arrived with us from North America, and there are many of these traditional baby shower ideas that we have adopted, and many we have left by the wayside, in true British fashion!  There are many articles on why to have a Baby Shower but one of the main reasons is that is helps everyone connect.  There is no better way to do that than through a humble game.  They break people out of loneliness, break up cliques, connect those who’ve never met inducing laughter and connection.  What is not to love?

How do I choose my Baby Shower Games?

Very carefully!  Choosing the Best Baby Shower Games for your event is crucial.  Having baby shower games and activities which suit your group makes the difference between an amazing event and one which is a bit, well, meh.  The games you choose should not be an extension of your decoration or theme.  Don’t choose Baby Shower Games just because they have been designed with the right colour scheme, you need to really think about the type of baby shower game which will work for your group.

Favourite Baby Shower Games: Hannah’s Picks

You want games everyone can play, from all ages, intellects and capabilities:

The fact is people want to ogle that Bump and How Big is Mummy’ Tummy Game gives people a chance to do just that!

I also love the Passing Style games like Left Right and Pass the rhyme.  The premise is that items are passed around the baby shower guests as dictated by the game and whoever is holding the item at the end will be the winner.  The left right game requires players pass cards to the left or right as the story requires then pass the rhyme discovers details about the players and whoever meets the criteria play passes to e.g. biggest handbag or largest shoe.

My Final Pick is Baby Shower Bingo! Everyone can play and everyone loves it!  No long winded explanations or long set-up.  Pull out and play everyone’s favourite baby shower game; what’s not to love?!


Of course, in addition to my Favourite Baby Shower Games Picks above we have our Full Range available

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