Boy Baby Shower Games

Boy Baby Shower Games Rock!  Browse our range or see my Top Picks + Buying Guide at the bottom of the page 🙂

Boy Baby Shower Games Buying Guide

Boy Baby Shower Games Rock!

When it comes to planning Baby Showers it is just easier when you know the gender! Choosing Boy Baby Shower Decorations and Boy Baby Shower Themes is just so much simpler than just having to look for general unisex themes; knowing the gender gives you a central planning theme to build upon.  Those gorgeous baby blues in pastel or possibly a lovely gingham? Oooh! Got me all squealy just thinking about them! But you need to be careful when narrowing down your focus to Boy Baby Shower Games…

Baby Shower Boy Games: a warning!

Of course you’ve immersed yourself in Baby Shower Ideas for Boys and it logically follows that you immediately think that the games should to be too…but wait a minute…don’t fall in to the trap of thinking that Baby Shower Boy = Blue Everything! Just because it isn’t blue doesn’t mean it has no place at a Boy Baby Shower. Tea isn’t blue but tradition, and frankly Baby Shower UK Law requires that tea is available at a Baby Shower (okay, I may have made up that last bit, but you know what I mean!). Also, your guests will probably all be female!

Choosing Baby Shower Games which will WORK!

Choosing a game because it is the right colour is like drinking a wine because you like the bottle! Don’t fall in to the trap of obsessing over the gender and colour scheme to the detriment of what will really make a difference to an incredible Baby Shower. Boy Baby Shower Games are like every other type of Baby Shower Game: they need to be engaging, fun and suited to the audience.

My Boy Baby Shower Picks…

Based on the above, I’ve selected some games which are going to appeal to your love lady guests but not be too feminine in their design so as they don’t fit with your other fantastic Baby Shower Boy Ideas and Baby Shower Themes. So enough of my lecturing ? here are my top picks for Boy Baby Shower Games…

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