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'if you only play one game at the hen party, this has to be it!'

The fact is: it isn’t a Hen Party without the Mr and Mrs game!  The premise is simple, but wonderful!  In advance of the Hen Do the groom is asked questions about himself, their relationship and the Bride-To-Be.  Then at the Hen Do the Bride is asked the same questions, and we find out just how well the Happy Couple know each other!  In this guide we give you the basic playing instructions and some ways to shake it up and bit to make it a little different.

'all-time Hen Party Classic'

Mr and Mrs: The Perfect Couple

1.  In advance: create your Mr and Mrs questions, if you’ve bought ready-made ones move on to question 2.  At least 20 and at most 40 questions from all aspects of their lives, ‘favourite’ areas are often subjective and something which can provide some difference; the aim is to have a range of questions which will have a range of getting right and getting wrong.  You can choose whether to make them clean or dirty, but do take in to account who will be coming to the party and whether the questions ‘fit’ your type of party.  Finally, you need to think about how you are going to run the game, are you doing it on a night out?  Are you doing it at a spa?  Or whitewater rafting?  You need to make sure whatever format you create the questions on is practical, portable and easy to check the answers quickly to keep the momentum in the game going.

Mr and Mrs hen party game hen do ideas games 4 hens

2.  In advance: give the questions to the groom-to-be and instruct him to answer them all.  Write down, or record, all his answers and pack them up ready to take with you on the Hen Do.

3.  At the Hen Do:  One person asks the questions and then the bride-to-be has to answer them correctly!  Roar with laughter!



Because it is played at like, EVERY hen party, the format can get a little stale, but that's absolutely no reason to not play!  You can shake it up by trying some of these variations of play to make Mr and Mrs and bit different your Hen Do.  Fun individually or combine them as it suits what hen party activities you have planned.


Create a video of the groom answering the questions and play the answers he gave to the Bride-to-be ‘live’ at the Hen Do on a tablet or phone.

n.b. great fun to record her answering too and give the finished video as hilarious present…or play at the wedding!

Mr and Mrs:  Everyone asking

question mark cookies

Give a question to every guest so everyone is involved in asking the bride questions.  Makes everyone feel part of the game!  The name placecard at a restaurant or dinner could double as a Mr and Mrs question for them to ask later.

Mr and Mrs: Bridal Consequences

Set a consequence if the Bride gets a question wrong!  Could be completing a dare card, taking a shot or wearing an embarrassing item from a bag of fancy dress!

Mr and Mrs: Everyone consequences

shot glasses hen party hen night dare consequences

The question is read out and all the guests have to decide if she will get it wrong or right.  Bride answers the question and whoever guessed wrong has to complete a consequence like a dare card, taking a shot or something else embarrassing or funny!

Mr and Mrs: Long-Playing

clock face

Throughout the Hen Party questions are posed to the Bride-to-Be over several hours or days.  Might be fun to set a countdown timer to the next one so it becomes a regular thing.  It can be fun to pair this with consequences such as wearing something from a bag of embarrassing fancy dress if she gets it wrong!


Do you know any other ways to play?  Have you had any great Mr and Mrs Moments?  Let us know in the comments or share your photos with us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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