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How to ROCK I Have Never at a Hen Do

Hen Party folklore consists of finding out a LOT more about your fellow Hens - and the Bride - than you did before that amazing Hen Do!  This game is just the ticket for delivering that!  Sometimes known as 'Drink If' or 'I Have Never,' or 'never have I ever' this Hen Party game consists of several statements beginning with 'I Have Never...' and ending with something which is interesting, shameful or just rude.  Anyone who has done what is specified on the card has to drink, shout, stand up, wear an item of fancy dress, or anything that the organiser chooses to make themselves known.  They then, inevitably, have to tell the story to the assembled ladies; you will be amazed what old Auntie Gladys has been up to!  In this guide we take you through all the steps of creating the perfect game, then look at lots of different ways to play so even if you've played before it is still fresh and fun.



If you have bought your I Have Never Game (Drink If game) then skip this section and go to 'Ways to Play section'

1.  Plan your Challenge Level

It is important that this game is pitched right for the Hen Do you are organising.  Think carefully first about how well your group know each other, you don't want this game to make the Hen Party feel cliquey so make sure you include questions which everyone can join in with.  This is why it is good to get the questions from elsewhere, either from the internet or buying a game, as if you make the questions yourself you are probably going to, inadvertently, use examples of things either you or your close friends have done.  Think about whether the group will be in the mood to share all their innermost secrets at the point when you're planning on playing; out in a club after a few drinks is great to ask those innermost sexual secrets, but at Afternoon Tea with Granny there might make people less likely to open up.  It's good to think clearly about which type of party you are having, or that particular part of the party is.  Here is how we like to categorise the 'challenge levels':

Good Clean Fun - utterly clean, suitable for all generations and settings

Raising the Tempo - a bit more intrusive, but not rude or sexual.  You'd need to have some sort of adult experience but not necessarily a sexual relationship or a binge drinker.

Downright Dirty  - this is the place for those dirty, sexual, rude, intrusive questions.  Best for a night out, and to get people to own up it is best if they have a few cocktails in them!

You can decide which type your ladies and your event fits, then target questions at that particular level.


2. Creating the Game

We recommend a minimum of 20 questions for this game as it allows a big enough range of questions for everyone to join in.  The only way to start is with a blank piece of paper an writing down as many 'things' people can do!  Once you've got as many as you can possibly think of, sort them in to the categories above.  You can then decide which ones are right for your party, and which ones don't fit.  Be Ruthless!  Rubbish games are not worth it, if you aren't sure, chuck it!  Once the questions are decided upon read from a crumpled up bit of A4 white paper!  Take your time and cut up some card and write each question on a separate card.  It makes the game classier but also means lots of people can pass round the game asking the different questions to involve everyone.


Okay, we've got the perfect game - now to the Hen Party!    Here are some of our favourite ways to play, from classic to involving everyone in the bar!


I Have Never: Classic Drinking

shot glasses

  1. Gather all the girls together and ensure that everyone has a topped up drink
  2. Agree in advance the ‘penalty’ i.e. drinking two fingers of drink, drinking for a certain amount of time, completing a forfeit or dare.  n.b. if you are doing this as a drinking game it is helpful if everyone if drinking the same drink as otherwise drinkers of certain beverages get off lighter than others!!
  3. One person reads out the first card, anyone who has ‘done’ whatever is on the card must drink.  It is best if you do the less risqué ones first to get everyone in the spirit of it (and a little merry!) before raising the level.
  4. It is fun then to go round and ask about the time it happened – if they refuse to tell you then they have to do a dare card

n.b. It works best if there are good friends in the group that know some of the dark secrets of others as they tend to make them ‘own up’!  You may want to consider playing this later on it your hen party rather than the first game as it is best once people know each other a bit.


I Have Never: Hot Seat

  1. Each guest is given one of the cards to read out (the bride is not shown the cards)
  2. Optional – the bride is given a certain number of opt outs where she can choose not to answer but has to perform a dare instead
  3. Each guest reads out their card to the bride.  If she has ‘done’ whatever is written on the card she takes a drink and tells all!  She has the choice to ‘opt out’ of answering (and drinking) but has to take a dare card instead.

I Have Never: Selfie Challenge

  • Each guest, or pair, or team, is given at least one of the I Have Never Cards (or one from each challenge level).  You could also just make the bride do them all!
  • Over the course of a set period of time (the entire evening, day, weekend, activity – whatever) they have to find a person who HAS done what is written on their card (s).  They then must take a selfie with that person holding the card or get a video of that person saying “I am xxx and I HAVE xxx”.   Good rules are nobody already known to them or within in group counts!
  • By the end of the set period anyone who has not managed to find a person has to have a Dare Card matched to the challenge level of the I Have Never Card they failed to complete.

n.b. this also works well with Scavenger Hunt or Man Selfie Hunt games.



finger pointing

I hope you've enjoyed this delve in to the game.  Lots of fun ideas here to play this game, hopefully so you can easily organise this game for your Hen Party.  If you know any other ways you've played, or are planning to  play, we'd love to hear about them!  Let us know in the comments!

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