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Post Pals Party Boxes for Seriously Ill Children Follow Up

Wonderful as it was to support the charity Post Pals with their Seriously Ill Children's Christmas Party Boxes it has been even more rewarding is that the charity are keeping me updated on the boxes and their recipients so I thought I would update here too.


One of their super clever volunteers has translated the Christmas Bingo in to braille!  This is so families with young people with visual impairments can play along; ingenious!  They have been kind enough to share a few photos of the braille playing cards with me and I think it looks fabulous, they've made it really christmassy and special 😍😍

I also loved  seeing this photo of one of the first party boxes being received by a young person and what a great range of fun activities they have included!  I want to come to the party 😉

If you have any time, or even a few pennies, Post Pals is a tremendoues charity and I feel very humbled to have played a little role in their work this Christmas.  Please consider supporting them.

I truly hope the pals and their families have a wonderful time at the parties and we have loved being part of this project.

Who knew that our little party games brand could bring such joy to those who so richly deserve it?  What a privilege.  From the heart of our family business to the hearts of these families with seriously ill children, we wish you a wonderful Christmas.

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