Beer Belly or Pregnant Belly Game AND Labour or Lust Baby Shower Game **SAVER PACK**

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🤰 🍺 😍 HILARIOUS BABY SHOWER PHOTO QUIZ DUO 😍 🍺 🤰 Is that lady in labour...or starring in an adult film?! And is that picture a beer belly or pregnant belly?! Can you guess?! Baby showers games have never been so funny!


👛 VALUE BABY SHOWER GAMES PACK 👛 TWO brilliant and hysterical Games for Baby Shower included on each double-sided playing card - guess the belly and labour or love game - each game sheet has TWELVE pictures so a total of TWENTY FOUR hysterical high resolution baby shower fun images in the baby shower pack


🎨 BRIGHT COLOURFUL DESIGN 🎨 Vibrant coloured design for baby showers our Beer belly or bump game and labour or lust compliments your other baby shower ideas or products. Unisex works for boy baby shower, baby shower girl or gender reveal games for mum to be and dad to be


👌 10 QUALITY 250 GSM CARDS 👌 Each pack includes 10 x A5 double-sided playing sheets with one side beer belly or baby belly and the other Labour or lust aka Pain and Pleasure games for baby showers


😀 😀 PLAY AS INDIVIDUALS, TEAMS OR PAIRS 😀 😀 Over 20 guests can play with one Duo pack when played in pairs - giggles multiply as guests and friends try to agree on their answers!



Save on Babys Shower Games with two of our bestselling - and most hysterical - baby shower games in a double-sided Saver Pack

Baby Shower Games Beer Belly Ah that classic teardrop silhouette, the beauty of the curves the classic mother-to-be shape the…wait a minute…isn’t that just a fat bloke with a beer belly?!

This game relishes the uncanny similarities between a pregnant lady’s baby bump and a man who simply has drunk too much lager!

It may seem that telling the pregnant mummy to be from the drunkards would be easy…but think again! From the rotund shape to the occasional black hairs not forgetting the peeping out belly button there are a whole host of similarities making pregnant belly or beer belly challenging and funny!

Labour or Lust Baby Shower Game

Oh the beauty of the miracle of childbirth...hang on...isn't that actually a woman starring in an adult film!? 😱 😱

Our Hilarious Labour or Lust Baby Shower Game will find out if you and the girls can tell the difference between a lady getting pregnant or giving birth!

About the Duo Pack

Amusing, competitive and brilliant each twelve picture baby shower quiz will be the most memorable of your baby showers games!

Each baby shower game pack includes 10 double sided A5 size game cards (21 cm x 14.8 cm) professionally printed plus answer sheet for both games

The baby shower ganes cards are printed in full colour on 250 gsm cardstock with a bright and fun design suitable for baby shower games unisex or baby shower for girls games or baby shower boy .

Works perfectly with your other baby party games or other baby shower items such as favours, gifts or baby bingo (available separately from Hannah's Games) to make a fantastic baby shower for mummy to be!

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Beer Belly or Pregnant Belly Game AND Labour or Lust Baby Shower Game **SAVER PACK**