Birthday Treasure Hunt Game - Birthday Party Games for Kids

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Birthday Treasure Hunt Game

🎂TREASURE HUNT BIRTHDAY GAMES FOR KIDS🎂  - Birthday scavenger hunt clue pack includes 10 clues to place around your home and hide the big stash for the end somewhere clever.  Includes full instructions on laying the birthday games trail and answers for the grown up to set up the birthday party games for kids easily!

🎂 EASY TO SET UP AND PLAY IN YOUR HOME 🎂- Lay the trail of clues in the specified indoor locations then as the birthday party games begin read the 'Lost Birthday Treats' poem and hand kids first clue cards & the kids party games indoor really begin!

🎂 UNUSUAL AND FUN BIRTHDAY SURPRISE 🎂- Treasure hunt game for kids aka Find it game is the perfect party games for kids birthday surprises.  Our treasure hunt games for parties are the perfect fun party games to make special memories together!

🎂 FLEXIBLE TO DIFFERENT AGES 🎂- Scavenger hunt for kids is suitable for girls and boys and the scavengers can be supported by a grown up or solve each riddle alone meaning even party games for teenagers can enjoy it.  Also a great family activity to do with children to offer extra challenge.

🎂 UNIQUE GAME CONTENT FROM UK SMALL BUSINESS 🎂- We write all the content for our party games for kids and they even manufactured here in the UK.  Proudly a small british business we have a range of party games for family and party games kids and party games for adults. Fun and unique birthday games for kids party.

Example from the game cards:
Making some progress!  That's two we've got!
Maybe our Robebr isn't quite the Big Shot?!
I bet a birthday thief loves some cake...
Shall we check in the place where we bake?

How to Play: 
1. Lay the birthday scavenger hunt clue cards trail around the house leaving each clue in the set locations with the main 'loot' at the end
2. When it is time for the kids birthday party games gather the kids and read out 'The Lost Birthday Treats' poem and hand them the first party ganes clue 
3. Supervise, and delight, as they race around the house solving the clues (don't worry, you have all the answers for a hint in case they get stuck! :)
4. Once they have collected all the birthday scavenger hunt cards reveal the childrens main prize or gifts for solving the birthday treasure hunt for kids!

Hannah's Games is a small UK family business and whichever year olds you are celebrating and whether it is party games for kids birthday or party games adult funny you are looking for our birthdayt games outdoor or indoor will suit you! We write all the content to our games ourselves so you cannot buy this from anyone else! Made in the UK too. Please trust your games for birthday fun to us!

BIRTHDAY TREASURE HUNT GAME: CATCH THE BIRTHDAY THIEF Birthday Treasure Hunt - Like an Easter Egg Hunt...for birthdays! Lay the 10 clues around your home leaving the big stash at the end. With full instructions plus answers...all you need to decide is what Birthday prize to put at the end! The A6 (postcard sized) Clues Pack makes a perfect trail to BIrthday Feast, presents or anything else you may want to make them work for! Flexible Birthday Games for a special party or family fun! MANUFACTURED IN THE UK BY A SMALL UK BUSINESS

Birthday Treasure Hunt Game - Birthday Party Games for Kids