Love those Dirty Hen Party Games?!  This is the collection for you!  Maybe you are having song classiness at this Hen Do, but frankly let's get on with those downrighty dirty hen do games!

Giggle inducing Dirty Hen Party Games

Nothing like a bit of suggestion to get the girls giggling!  What am I innuendo Riddles is perfect for ladies with dirty minds.  Everything which is described in actually clean, but you won't believe it from how you see I've described it!  Another fun one is to trick the girls in to swearing with our rude tongue twisters is a great giggle too over some drinks.

Rude Hen Party Games Quiz and Activity Style

Well my favourite quiz style dirty hen party game has to be Polish or Porn.  Hand out the quiz cards and get the girls to work out if each one is the name of a nail polish or a title to an, ahem, adult film!  This has us crying with laughter and proved just how many people were expert on, well, nail polish?!  Another bit of fun is to include a classic like charades, but with a twist, choose our rude hen party charades!

The Ultimate Rude Hen Party Games - not for the faint hearted!

We've all played I Have Never, but Never Have you Ever played it like THIS!  Our triple X downright dirty edition is hilarious and almost guaranteed to have some of you reaching for  and others of you going very red!  If this sounds a little too much for you, the game also comes in the less rude versions too :)

Don't say I didn't warn you!  Enjoy you devils!

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