Left Right Passing game: pass the parcel for Hen Parties

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How many ways can we sneak the words and right and left in to our language?!

Find out by playing this great fun passing game for good clean Hen Party fun!


*  Wedding themed story where players pass to the "left" or "right" each time the words are said

*  Perfect for a restaurant or group activity

*  Clean game suitable to play with all ages

*  Whole game small enough to fit in a handbag (postcard sized, or 1/4 A4)

*  Made entirely in the UK and FREE UK Delivery


Examples from the game cards:

"Now seemed to be the RIGHT time to go out and get some of these jobs done, so she LEFT RIGHT after lunch and went RIGHT to her mother’s house"


"She asked her mother to WRITE down an address list and she LEFT to find the RIGHT invitations"


How to use: 

1. Seal the winner and loser cards in envelopes if you are choosing to play that way.  

2. Get all the girls in a circle and handout the sealed envelopes - you don't need one per person

3 One person reads the supplied story and each time the word RIGHT is said envelopes must be passed to player on their right, and every time the word LEFT is said envelopes are passed to the player on the left.

4. Once the story is finished everyone who is holding an envelope opens it to find out if they are a winner or not!

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Left Right Passing game: pass the parcel for Hen Parties