Queens Jubilee Pass the Parcel Game - Platinum Jubliee Party Games

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Pass the Royal Parcel Game for Queen's Platinum Jubilee

PASS THE PARCEL QUEENS JUBILEE PARTY GAME RHYMES - 10 A6 postcard sized rhyme cards plus two spot win prizes for lovely jubbly fun. Each rhyme directs to whom the jubliee present (not included) should pass to next - from largest shoe size to fairest hair everyone enjoys the jubilee games fun!

WRAP YOUR GIFT & PLAY - Buy your winning gift (not included), wrap, add 'rhyme' card & repeat...keep going until all the cards are attached. Your jubilee party games are ready to for your parties!

NO MUSIC REQUIRED JUST USE THE ROYAL RHYME - Forget music systems & complex pausing as our clever rhyme dictates who opens the next layer so this jubilee party pack is for indoor or outdoor fun

UNIQUE FULL COLOUR DESIGN - Full colour design includes queen jubilee bunting flags to tie in with Jubilee Decorations or union jack party supplies & platinum jubilee merchandise or napkins

QUEENS JUBILEE MERCHANDISE MADE IN THE UK - All our jubilee party supplies are made right here in the United Kingdom with unique content written by us. Please support our family business!

Full Description:
Pass the Parcel: Queen's Jubilee Theme - perfect platinum jubilee merchandise for your home or garden celebration with family and friends!

The premise is simple: a wrapped gift (maybe british platinum jubilee souvenirs?) is passed around the platinum jubbly group & each layer of wrapping paper is ripped off to reveal a two-line poem saying who the gift should pass to next. After ten rhymes of playing the gift will be opened & that person wins queen platinum jubilee gift inside! There are two chances to include spot-prizes to keep interest in the queens jubbly activities.

Our full colour is covered with delightful queens jubilee decorations like a palace, queens jubilee flag, crowds and union jack decorations. Therefore the design complements jubilee napkins, platinum jubilee decorations or queens jubilee bunting or union jack napkins tableware or any other queen jubilee decorations or queen party decorations you have bought for the Royal Family celebration.

Something novelty & fun ideas and accessories which involves everyone from adults to children to families for the queens platinum jubilee themed celebrations – what isn’t there to love.

How to Play:
1.Buy one queens jubilee gifts (maybe a platinum jubbly mug?) as the main prize and two smaller ‘spot-prize’ gifts of equal value
2.Wrap the gift and attach each rhyme like a gift card - you can choose to seal each in an envelope (not supplied). Wrap another layer and then attach rhyme number 9. Wrap again and attach the next number until you have a big bundle of wrapping paper with the first envelope on the outside. The game is now all set up to play 😊
3. When it is time to play, hand the gift to the first player and they read the first rhyme and pass to the person stated who opens a layer and reads the next poem...play continues until all the layers are ripped off

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Queens Jubilee Pass the Parcel Game - Platinum Jubliee Party Games