Easter Egg Hunt Games

Perfect Easter Tradition!  Choose the Easter Egg Hunt right for you, or for more information scroll to the bottom of the page for a playing guide 🙂

Easter Egg Hunt Games

Instant Easter Egg Hunt!  Just Add Eggs!

Easter isn’t the same as a child without the magic of an Easter Egg Hunt around the house, or garden or both.

However, as a grown up, this is a lot of work!  How about YOU being able to relax and enjoy it as well?!  Here’s the answer – Ready Made easter egg hunt clues.  Simply go out and get your chocolate or whatever prizes you choose to reward the children with – how about some little trinkets other than chocolate on the way around?

The next step is simply to sort through the cards and choose the locations you want your easter egg hunt to visit.  Don’t want the kids near the TV? leave that card out.  Prefer to keep them in one part of the park or garden only?  Only use those cards.  With twenty Couldn’t be simpler or easier to create a wonderful Easter game for your children to enjoy.

Stick the clues on the items in the egg hunt and prepare the Grand Prize.  Then, on Easter Sunday, just before you’re ready to begin the Easter Egg Hunt Game lay out the trail and hand the first clue to the excited children!  Bit worried you won’t know the answers?!  Don’t worry, there is a discrete answer card for grown up eyes only!

Receive the pack, pick the locations you want your hunt to visit and lay the trail!  The egg hunt clues are credit-card sized so can be put inside small plastic easter eggs or stuck to larger chocolate gifts like a gift card.

But what if the hunt says to go to a location I don’t have in my house or garden?  Just don’t use that card!  The easter hunt isn’t in a numbered order so it won’t harm the game.  There are twenty to choose from in a standard pack, or 40 for the indoor & outdoor duo egg hunt pack so you can just use the ones which you want to use.

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