Game Overview: Cliché Royal Wedding Drinking Game

Royal Wedding Drinking Game: Prince Harry would love it!

Now look, it isn’t a British Wedding without conspicuous over-consumption of alcohol.  We didn’t get an extra Bank Holiday for the marriage of Harry and Meghan BUT we did get longer licensing hours for the weekend and that means one thing: more drinking!   A Royal Wedding Drinking Game for Harry’s Wedding??  It is no less than what he would expect of his Loyal Subjects!  Yes I have trawled the coverage of previous Royal Weddings to get the most over-use clichés and tropes which poor Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be forced to play host to!  Now look, we can either roll our eyes or do what Harry would do: let’s get drunk!

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How does the Royal Wedding Drinking Game work?

royal wedding drinking game cliche instructions prince harry meghan markle

Now there is a beauty to a simple game, and the Royal Wedding Drinking Game is just that!  Simply print out the clichés penalty sheet from the download, print as many as you need for your party.  All the clichés are split in to three levels of drinking penalty: sip, chug, down and keep drinking.  So when one of these tropes occurs you simply drink as per the sheet.  So each time a vehicle with motorcycle outriders appears you take a sip of your drink, for a dreadful hat or fascinator on a wedding guest you take a chug (a long drink), if you see Victoria Beckham smiling – down that drink!  Finally, if there is a problem with the Live television coverage you keep drinking until it’s fixed!  There are lists for each penalty and some you’ll be drinking all the time (each time someone with ginger hair appears for example!) and others you may get to keep your drink in-tact (I doubt a bridal snog-fest will occur but they are a modern couple!).

Royal Wedding Drinking Guidance: important

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Now I think I need to address the important issue of alcoholism, particularly with a Royal Wedding Drinking Game.  If at any point while playing you have flashbacks to falling in to a pool fully clothed, dressing up in inappropriate fancy dress or being naked at parties STOP PLAYING AT ONCE!  You are The Groom and we take no responsibility for you missing the Wedding!  As for the rest of you it is your own fault if you get ridiculously drunk, I take no responsibility for you; I won’t be in any state to be responsible for myself let alone you!

Royal Wedding Drinking Game: design wasted on you bunch of drunks

Royal wedding drinking game front cover cliche prince harry meghan markle

The design of this game makes it really easy to play – all the penalties on one single-sided sheet – so you can glance down and check the royal wedding drinking game forfeits quickly.  You can print it as A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches) or A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inches) dependent on what suits you best.  If the text appears to be a bit fuzzy it may be your printer, or it may be that you should have waited to start drinking that alcohol until the Royal Wedding Drinking Game actually started!

Royal Wedding Drinking Game is available NOW at as a digital download

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