Celebrity Royal Wedding Guest Spy Hunt

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We all love a Royal Wedding!  Let’s be honest part of the drama and excitement is finding out which of those Famous Faces scored an invite to become a Royal Wedding Guest!  But I love seeing how they brush up for a right Royal Shindig!  Who have Harry and Meghan decided are their nearest and dearest?  We know who they haven’t invited, so finding out which famous faces are going to watch the Royal nuptials will be thrilling!  Envelop yourself in the majesty of the occasion, while look out for Her Majesty or course, with the Celebrity Royal Wedding Guest Spy Hunt!

How does the Royal Wedding Guest Spy Hunt work?

celebrity royal wedding guest spy hunt game hannahs games

So, the aim of the game is to spot, and cross off, the suspected Royal Wedding Guests from the playing sheets.  Don’t know your famous faces that well?  Don’t worry as each playing sheet has a glorious full colour photo of the person you are looking out for!  There are twenty faces in the main game for you spot, plus four additional in the Bonus Round which we’ve made extra difficult by not providing a photo for.  Obviously nobody, apart from Prince Harry and gorgeous Meghan Markle really know who is on the list, so the gamble on who will be there is part of the fun!

How do you play the Wedding Guest Spy Hunt?

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The game is really easy and fun to play, just print out the number of playing sheets you need for your party and hand them out before the show starts.  Watch the coverage on the TV avidly and if you see one of the Royal Wedding Guests on the tele shout out their name, as long as someone else sees them too you can cross off that person.  If you were the first person to see them you can give yourself a little star too 😊  Once the wedding ceremony starts the game is over and you count up who has got the most stars and the most celebrities crossed off and they are the winner!

What does the Wedding Guest Spy Hunt look like?

royal wedding celebrity spy hunt game hannahs games front cover

The hilarious design on this one just makes me giggle – the front cover is covered with the obligatory ridiculous array of hats and suited and booted person one expects to be Royal Wedding Guests!  The playing cards have got one of the Queen’s Corgi’s [link to an article about the Queen’s corgi’s] looking regally over those famous faces.  You can choose to print the game as A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches) or A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inches) to suit your needs.  As the game is printable with instant download you can just print whichever size you want 😊

This looks fun, what else could I get to play for the Royal Wedding!?

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This game would partner perfectly with our Royal Wedding Drinking Game or our Royal Wedding Outfit Spy Hunt which revels in the beauty of some of those Royal Wedding guests hats!  Main thing is all these games keep everyone glued to the screen and loving the wonderful uniqueness of the wedding of the lovely Prince Harry and the gorgeous Meghan Markle – what’s not to love?!

Royal Wedding Celebrity Spy Hunt is available now click here


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