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Royal Weddings are steeped in customs and traditions and that’s what we love about them!  Even when an expectation is broken, that is delightful by its significance!  I suppose the Royal Family have been having these occasions a long time – it is only to be expected they are pretty set in their ways about it!  This great fun game pits your knowledge of weddings long past and some trivia about Harry and Meghan’s nuptials too!  True or False format means we all have a chance of getting a few right 😊

How do you play Royal Wedding Quiz?

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The game is really simple to play, just print the question cards and cut them out.  At your Royal Wedding Party one person reads out the questions and the players have to work out if the statement is true or false.  Once everyone has decided on an answer the questioner reveals the correct answer, and – for some – a little bit of extra trivia to go with it!  Did Buckingham Palace announce the engagement?  Is it Royal Tradition to have vanilla sponge Wedding Cake? Find out by playing the game, I’m not telling!

What’s it like. this Royal Wedding Quiz?

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The question cards are credit-card sized so easy to play and handle.  The full colour cover design is eye-catching and beautiful with a London bus and Big Ben.  Then the question cards are also really special with a subtle Union Flag and the timeless wedding rings.  Stunning!  These will make a great keepsake of the wedding in years to come.

This is a great game to play during a commercial break or before or after the coverage, but if you want a game to play during the wedding then maybe look at our Royal Wedding Bingo, spy hunts or really channel the Groom with our Royal Wedding Drinking Game!

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