Classy Hen Party Games

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Classy Hen Party Games Buying Guide + Top Picks

Classy Hen Party Games: The Truth

Somewhere along the line Hen Parties have been demoted to sleazy affairs full of women behaving badly: well I’m here to stick up for the Humble Hen!  Yes!  You can have Classy Hen Party Games – you just need to know where to look!  Cringe no more – this is the selection for you!

Unusual and engaging Clean Hen Party Games

You don’t need to probe everyone’s personal lives in order to get to know everyone.  One of my absolute favourite CLassy Hen Party Games is Pass the Rhyme, sometimes known as Hen Do Pass the Prize.  You choose the winning prize and wrap a card from the game in each layer.  At the hen party the first person (the bride perhaps?) reads the first rhyme which will dictate who unwraps the next layer.  All very classy and clean, involves everyone and not a willy straw in sight!  I also sell something very similar without having to wrap a whole gift called left right, that’s more portable for a restaurant or something 🙂

Classic Classy Hen Do with a twist

Classy Hen Do Games really can be fun, clean and memorable.  My first suggestion are some quiz and activity based games.  Obviously you have the old classic charades, but if you’re looking for something a bit more unusual Hen Party Taboo where players describe without certain hen do and wedding related words is a great fun alternative.

The essentials whether it’s a classy hen do or not!

Sorry; but it ain’t a hen do without Mr and Mrs!  No rude or dirty sexual questions here so it is totally classy.  You could also throw in a bit of trivia for the guests to find out who knows the bride best.  These two together are our bestsellers.

So these are my top picks for your Classy Hen Party – you can check out my full range by clicking here, or for something totally different check out my Dirty Hen Do Game selection!

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