Hen Party Games for Large Groups made easy

Finding the right Hen Party Games for Large Groups can be difficult!  See my advice and Buying Guide at the bottom of this page, or just browse the range 🙂

Hen Party Games for Large Groups Buying Guide and Top Picks

Organising Hen Party Games for Large Groups can feel like a mixture of becoming a Butlins redcoat and herding cats!  Fearnot! It is all about the game selection so you can enjoy being party of the Hen Party Games just as much as everyone else!  Here are my top picks:

Hen Party Games for Large Groups: Teams

Getting the girls in to teams rather than playing each game individually is my first tip.  You can have themes around the teams and have games running all day/night weekend of the hen do.  One of the best Team Games on a Hen Night for a large group is Selfie Challenge Man Hunt where you dole out the cards and set up a social media page and enjoy the night yourself too!  Pretty much zero organisation and maximum enjoyment.

Hen Parties for Large Groups: Quizzes

Now everyone can participate in a quiz and you can either be the quizmaster yourself, or delegate it around so each ‘team’ asks some of the questions.  Or, give it to the gobby girl, there’s always one at a Hen Party for large groups!  I recommend a Song lyric quiz as that is great fun for everyone and can result in a mass sing-a-long which is always memorable!  Or, don’t have a quizmaster and have the Know the Bride Quiz which has the questions written directly on the sheets.

Hen Parties for Large Groups: Passing games

Passing games are where players sit in a circle – either a huge one or several little ones each with their own prizes – and follow the instructions of the games ot who to pass to.  I think the one which works best is a large group with the smallest amount of organisation if left right.  Pass some prizes around the circle or groups and read the story and each time left is said the prize passes to the left, each time right is said prize passes that way.  Whoever is holding the prize at the end wins it for that group.  Good fun and a bit different but gets everyone involved.

Hen Parties for large groups: keepsakes

Sadly when you are invited to a massive hen party it can be hard to get meaningful time with the bride-to-be.  The opposite of that is that the bride may well only have fleeting time with each guests which is so disappointing for everyone.  Having some really beautiful Advice to the bride cards means that you are able to capture everyone’s thoughts and excitement for that lovely Bride, even if they haven’t time or opportunity to express it at the hen party itself.

So that’s my round up Hen Party Games for Large Groups, I hope you find the Hen Party Games just right for your hen do!

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