hannah daragon hannahs games image


A lady called Hannah was mad, wild and loud

And for homemade games she was most renowned.

But only amongst her friends you see

As by day she took life more seriously…


As teacher, Head of Year and Special Needs Pro

It was through others’ achievements she achieved her glow.

But becoming a Mum had Hannah transfixed

Between work and homelife she was utterly betwixt…


‘Work or motherhood’ – she was told to choose.

Why were the two so impossible to fuse?

Then Hannah’s creativity was utterly aflame,

Could her life be transformed by a humble…game?!


Quickly the Hen Games were selling in stacks

(The ladies adored Hannah’s innuendo cracks)

Soon Christmas Games made their festive debut

And the positive reviews continued to accrue.


It took a while but Hannah suddenly saw

She was happier than she’d ever been before!

She’s still grateful & excited each time there’s a sale,

For that buyer becomes part of this transformative tale.


The future holds many more games in store,

From Journeys to Babies to Birthdays and more.

With ideas aplenty and fired-up to grow;

Hannah faces the future with her heart aglow