Games 4 Hens: more than just a business

Hi, I'm Hannah the founder of Games 4 Hens.  In September 2011 I was at one of my lowest ebbs.  Unable to work due to recent surgery for Crohn's disease, my second in five years, I was finding it increasingly hard, not just to leave the house, but to find a reason to.  This was particularly heartbreaking for me as I am a 'people person', some might say an extrovert, the 'life and soul of the party'.  I needed a purpose.  I needed my pride back. 
Browsing through ebay one day I saw someone was selling Hen Party games and, knowing I had some on my computer from previous Hen Parties, I put a few on sale just for something to do and...people loved them!  I know this sounds dramatic, but those little pink cards brought me back, they rescued me.  I had to leave the house, every day, to walk to the postbox with my orders, or to visit the Post Office to buy my stamps.  Then, there began these lovely emails and messages from delighted ladies which lifted the darkest of days.  By the summer of 2012 both my physical, and mental, health were recovered and Hannah's Games, as it was then known, went in to hibernation. 
Years later, April 2015, was one of the happiest times of my life: I became a Mum!  I had such a wonderful time on maternity leave, but when it came time to return to work I fell ill again.  Struggling to cope once again, I turned to my little Hen Party cards.  I rebranded as Games 4 Hens and expanded to other selling channels too.
The key thing which makes our business different is that we do this for the process, not just the profits. The business exists to enable me to have a flexible work-life balance so I can spend time with my wonderfully boisterous little boy.  Games 4 Hens is more than just some card games and more than just a way to earn some extra pennies; it's been my companion, in good times and bad, and has a special place in my heart. Thanks for being part of it.
take care
Hannah x  

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