CAR BRAND BINGO Travel Game Spy Hunt

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Car Brand Spy Hunt Bingo! – perfect for your Summer getaway!

Product features at a glance


    • Who will be the first to spot all fifteen Car Brands on the playing cards?!  Find out with our Brands Spy hunt Game!

    • Perfect to play on a family road trip, a journey with friends or colleagues or a coach trip!

    • All brands are presented visually in full colour – so little ones can play without needing to know how to read 😊

    • 5 full colour identical postcard sized playing cards ( A6 105 x 148 mm or 4.13 x 5.83 inches) for everyone to join in for co-operative play

    • FREE UK delivery to your door – or to you destination if you can’t bear the thought of the drive back! 😊

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How to Play:


    1. Hand out the playing cards and pens & choose when the game will end (for example at the next services or the end of the journey etc.)

    1. Explain that you have to spot the car make and it has to be verified by someone else in the car i.e they must have seen it too to be able to cross it off.

    1. The winner is the first person to spot all the car makes, or the person with the most crossed off at the end of the game


Obviously the driver should be concentrating on driving, not spotting car brands!

Game description:

The open road is never that open is it?!  Exactly when you don’t want it to be, there seems to be loads of cars on it!  Why not use those other vehicles to your advantage with the Car Brand Spy Hunt Game?  Ferret out the famous car brands and be the first person to find them all!

From the ubiquitous Ford to the pricey Bentley we have covered a range of car makes to keep everyone playing.  Either play competitively or as a team to find all the car brands on your next road trip!

This game is perfect to play on a family car journey, trip to the airport or even on a coach journey, maybe for a school trip!  Visual depictions of the logos means that even the youngest, or most prone to travel sickness, can play along as no reading required!

Choose something different and something special for your summer journey!


Examples from the Game cards:



Alfa Romeo

CAR BRAND BINGO Travel Game Spy Hunt