Christmas Games for Adults SAVER PACK for Grown ups

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Christmas Games for Adults **SAVER PACK** including:

Christmas What Am I Innuendo Riddles

Rude Christmas Tongue Twister Game

Rude Christmas Cracker Jokes


😜 THREE BRILLIANT CHRISTMAS GAMES FOR ADULTS PACK 😜 My three most outrageous games in a great value package Once the kids are in bed let the grown ups have a good giggle with some rude games!  Our Xmas games for adults are great fun to play over a few drinks for Christmas at home, as xmas work gifts or to get everyone laughing at the office christmas party games!


😜 HILARIOUS RUDE TONGUE TWISTERS 😜 20 Rude Pocket Sized Tongue Twister game cards will have players uttering the rudest things when the phrases & rhymes on the cards are utterly clean! Hilarious Christmas grown ups games for once the kids are in bed!


🍆 FIND OUT WHO HAS A DIRTY MIND! 🍆 - What slips between your fingers and gives groups of grown ups a great time?! Christmas What Am I of course?! 😇 The Xmas season is rife with glorious innuendo which makes christmas grown ups games you'd be crackers to leave out the funniest stocking filler going!  20 Xmas Themed Innuendo Riddles where something rude seems to be the answer...but it is actually something INNOCENT! 😇 


😮  20 RUDE CRACKER JOKES 😮 Our hilrarious homemade christmas cracker jokes will make the most funny christmas crackers adult will remember forever!  Our outrageous cracker fillers for adults will have everyone laughing and their eyes popping as you make your home made crackers the unique novelty of the season!


SAVE ££ ON INDIVIDUAL GAME PRICE ❗ Cost of buying these games separately is over £10! Buy the bundle and save pounds...getting more christmas fun gifts for less! All our xmas games are professionally printed in the UK from our family christmas games to our adults stocking fillers there is loads for you to enjoy!


💂 BUY BRITISH THIS XMAS 💂 All our game card content is quirky, unique, designed by us and manufactured here in the UK. From our Christmas Quiz Cards to our unique stocking games for adult or child & many more all our games are written in UK English (no americanisms!).    


Full Description of each game:


What Am I Christmas Innuendo Game
Christmas is a lovely clean-living festival – but what for those of us to crave a bit of innuendo and grown-up giggles?

Well we’ve got you covered with our hilarious Christmas Innuendo Riddles!

How to play:
1. Get everyone together and explain 'the aim of the game is to guess what I am describing'
2. Read the riddle and everyone shouts out the answer or writes down what they think is the answer
3. Read the correct answer and roar with laughter at what everyone thought it was describing!

Example from the game cards:
Dad keeps grunting as he tries to get me up
People admire my big shiny balls
Everyone watches as the Angel shoves me up her bum
What Am I?

Christmas Crackers (Dirty Cracks!)

These Dirty Crack(ers) are hysterical and perfect for any adult gathering at Christmas. Not limited to homemade crackers these can be played on a night out of as a Pocket Trivia game.

Why do you have to get a new Christmas Tree each year?
Because its balls are ornamental

Rude Tongue Twisters

It's great to be a kid at christmas but let's remind ourselves that it is also fun to be an adult too! Our great fun Rude Tongue Twisters game is perfect for Adult Christmas fun from Xmas novelty games to rude christmas fun after having a bit too much Baileys!


Say ten times fast: "FIRE TRUCK TYRES"

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Christmas Games for Adults SAVER PACK for Grown ups