Easter Pass the Parcel Game - Easter Rhyme game

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Pass the Parcel Poem for Easter Celebrations


🥚 PASS THE PARCEL EASTER GAME CARDS 🥚 - 17 credit-card sized easter pass the parcel rhyme cards direct who a wrapped gift (not included) should be passed to next - from largest shoes to fairest hair the rhyme randomly includes all players.  Essential easter party supplies!


🎁 JUST WRAP YOUR EASTER GIFTS & JOIN IN 🎁 Wrap an easter prize or egg gifts & place a rhyme card between each wrapping layer.  At your easter party pass the wrapped gift to a player & the rhyme dictates who opens the next layer.  Winner keeps the gift in the middle!


🔇  NO MUSIC NEEDED SO PLAY ANYWHERE 🔇 - Forget speakers and precision pausing 🙄 Each Easter Bunny rhyme explains who opens each layer so play as easter games for table...as easter party games or at the easter egg hunt!


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🍫 A BREAK FROM THE EASTER CHOCOLATE 🍫 Easter family games for adults and kids make memories!  Fill easter baskets with fun as well as sweets & chocolate with easter games for kids and adults!  

Easter Pass the Parcel Game
Great fun & unusual easter party games for families, kids and adults to surprise & delight your easter chicks after, or instead of, the easter hunt!
A wrapped gift is passed around the group & each layer of paper is ripped off to reveal a two-line poem saying who the gift should pass to. After all 17 rhymes are opened the final person keeps the egg gifts inside or a pre-prepared easter basket is well received when played as easter activities for adults or as easter table game activity.Rhymes look for assorted random characteristics like colour of clothing, shoe size, height and simple location so everyone participates in the games for family easter fun.No need for music systems or speakers as this novelty easter games plays itself once prepped so YOU can join in the eggs games this year too!
How to Play:
1.Buy a gift or create an egg basket as your main prize. Get some cadburys creme eggs or other easter chocolate as spot prizes and to scatter between each layer.
2.Wrap the gift and attach each rhyme like a gift card between each layer until you have used up all the rhyme cards with the first rhyme on the outside.
3. At easter, hand the gift to the first player, they read the rhyme and pass to the person who fits the rhyme criteria who opens the layer & reads the next rhyme and passes it on...play continues until all the layers are removed and the egg game winner declared!
Examples from the easter game cards:
Spring is here, is the sky blue?!
Pass this now to the player to the left of youLooking for more easter games kids will love?  We sell ready-made easter egg hunt clues, easter trivia, easter charades and more easter games for families!


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Easter Pass the Parcel Game - Easter Rhyme game