Left Right Passing Easter Game

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Easter Left Right Passing Game

🖐️ EASTER PASSING LEFT RIGHT GAME 🖐️ - Single-use A6 Postcard sized right-left Easter Bunny Themed poem which directs players to pass left or right...at the end whoever is holding the easter gifts keeps it!

🏆  USE OPTIONAL WIN & LOSE CARDS 🏆 - Create an easter basket or egg gifts & pass those prizes around or seal the included win & lose cards in envelopes at the end present the prize to the winner!


🥚 GREAT FOR EASTER EGG EXCHANGE 🥚 - For easter party games ask guests to bring an Easter Egg then at the party read the pass the gift poem & at the end keep the easter chocolate you're holding!


🍽️ PERFECT EASTER TABLE PARTY GAMES 🍽️ Play Easter games for kids & adults as an Easter table game or add to easter games party pack for easter games kids will love!


👧 EASTER ACTIVITIES FOR ALL 🧒 EGGS - tremely accessible egg game perfect family games for adults and kids this easter.  Simple passing means even younger 'easter chicks' can join in the eggs games too!


Full description:


Easter Right Left Game for Pass the gift fun!
Unique fun and special easter family games for kids and adults our left-right game will make Easter memories! 

Listen to the story about the Easter Bunny visiting and each time 'right' is said you pass to the right, and each time 'left' is said pass to the left.  Whoever is holding the goodies at the end gets to keep them!

Flexible pass the gift game format with optional 'win' and a 'lose' cards meaning delicate prizes like easter baskets don't have to be handed round the circle and can be presented at the end.

Want some fresh easter party ideas this year?!  Bored of the easter egg hunt?!   Our easter right-left game makes playing novelty easter games for families easy, fun and special in one easy pack!

Simple 'everyone can play' format means this a perfect easter party games for children or adults.  When playing as easter party games for families an easter egg basket with easter chocolate and sweets is always a popular prize...but can be played as easter activities for adults by creating beautiful easter baskets as prizes.

Format is perfect for easter party games or to play as easter games for table.  Everyone gets involved but the format is simple enough that even the youngest 'easter chicks' can join in too!

Why not do an easter gift exchange this year?!  Everyone brings an easter gift or easter egg of equal value (like secret santa) and pass them around the circle before reading the poem.  Whichever easter gift you are holding at the end you get to keep!  A wonderful twist on easter family games for adults and kids!  Fun to play after the easter hunt to mix all the chocolate up amonst the kids!

What's included?
This is a single use A6 postcard sized game including:
1 x postcard sized Easter Bunny themed poem
1 x win card
1 x lose card
Also includes full playing instructions

Example from the game:

He’d LEFT crumbs from his dinner RIGHT on the tablecloth… oh! and there was a carrot LEFT on the carpet; that wasn’t RIGHT at all!

How to play:
1. If using the win/lose cards, seal them in envelopes or assemble you prizes.  We suggest having a few prizes circulating to keep it exciting!
2. Get everyone to sit so they can pass items to each other
3. Randomly place the prizes or envelopes in the hands of players spaced around the group.
4. Read the story: each time you say the word LEFT anyone holding a prize or envelope passes it left, each time you say RIGHT anyone holding a prize or envelope passes it to the right
5. At the end of the story the two people holding the envelopes open them and find out who is the winner or if playing with prizes they keep whetever they are holding!

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Left Right Passing Easter Game