Charades Hen Party Game

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 How difficult is it to act out some classic wedding and romance themed words? 

Find out with this great fun charades game!

    • Hen Party Charades classic party game

    • The game everyone knows how to play!

    • Answers are wedding themed words, traditions and cliches

    • Available as Clean, Dirty or mix'n'match

About the product:

Planning, researching and creating hen party games takes hours, I've done all that hard work for you!

Classic Hen Charades with lots of wedding, romance and love themed words, films, books and characters to perform. You can choose the challenge level to suit your group - 1X is totally clean and perfect for multi-generational fun whereas the 2X is downright dirty! Choose your level or mix it up with a multi-challenge bundle set (you could give everyone clean ones then slip the bride the outrageously rude ones to act out!! Just saying!!) Game available in either 20 or 40 cards to suit any group size. There are loads of different ways to play and you can choose your variation using the electronic instructions which I'll send you a link to with your invoice.

The game cards are credit card sized (8.5cm x 5.5cm) to easily fit in a handbag, pocket or even a mini-purse so the games can go wherever your party does. All games come practically packaged in a resealable cellophane bag - because drinks get spilt! This is a handmade item, printed on 180gsm pink cardstock which is fairly thin and slightly pliable.

You don't need to wait in for the postman, I will package your order to fit through your letterbox. I also offer expedited shipping options for those last minute panics!

Which Challenge Level is right for your party?

Good clean fun: Suitable for all the family and all ages, but still lots of fun!

Downright Dirty: No prudes allowed! Dirty, even the clean ones are pretty saucy to act out!!

Can't decide?! Buy a bundle with both types of cards

 Examples from the game cards:

1X: "family" and "carrying over the threshold"

 2XX: "cleavage" and "shagging the bridesmaid"

How to use:

1.Get the girls together and hand first person the card

2.They have to act out what's on the card until everyone else guesses

3. Roar with laughter!

Charades Hen Party Game