I Have Never Hen Party Game

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Surely your friends have NEVER done some things?!
Find out exactly what is in that murky past with this great fun I Have Never game!

    • I Have Never or Drink If multi-challenge game cards

    • Great fun game for getting the girls to dish the dirt!

    • Choose the challenge level to suit your group/party

    • Perfect for a night out

About the product:

Planning, researching and creating hen party games takes hours, I've done all that hard work for you!

Great fun Hen Party where players own up to past crimes! Dependent on the level and experience you choose the challenge level for your group, or opt for the multi-challenge bundle and increase the pressure as your event goes on! 1X is fine for multi-generational groups but anything above that is adults only I'm afraid! Game available in either 20 or 40 cards in each challenge level to suit any group size or experience.

The game cards are credit card sized (8.5cm x 5.5cm) to easily fit in a handbag, pocket or even a mini-purse so the games can go wherever your party does. All games come practically packaged in a resealable cellophane bag - because drinks get spilt! This is a handmade item, printed on 180gsm pink cardstock which is fairly thin and slightly pliable.

You don't need to wait in for the postman, I will package your order to fit through your letterbox. I also offer expedited shipping options for those last minute panics!

Which Challenge Level is right for your party?

1X - Good Clean Fun! Interesting but not disgusting, embarrassing or sexual. Great way for a new group to get to know each other. Good for multi-generational fun.

2X - Raising the tempo! Probes deeper in to to darker secrets concerning experience, drinking & relationships. Not graphically sexual but some ask about general sexual experience.

3X - Downright Dirty! These are rude, graphically sexual and hilarious! Not for the faint hearted or those who are embarrassed or a group who are not particularly sexually experienced.

Can't decide? Buy the bundle pack with a mixture of all levels!

 Examples from the game cards:

I have never bungee jumped (1X set)

I have never had phone sex (2X set)

I have never used a vibrator (3X set)

How to use:

1. Read the card to your group, each one begins with 'I have never..'

2. If anyone IS guilty of whatever the card says they have to stand up/take a drink/make themselves known to the group

3. Roar with laughter at the great stories which come out!


Free Hen Do Mingle Bingo - a great icebreaker free of charge to you as a thank you for your order.  Simply download & print from the link included in your invoice you'll receive with your order.

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I Have Never Hen Party Game