Man Hunt Hen Party Game

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Fancy a selfie hunt with a twist?

Find out how many different 'types' of man there are with this great fun Man Hunt card game!
Man Selfie Hunt game cards
Works in all size parties & in teams
Can be played over several days/all day
Find the bloke a snap a selfie, or be daring and go for the bonus!
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About the product:

Planning, researching and creating hen party games takes hours, I've done all that hard work for you!

These Man Hunt game cards are a twist on the Hen Party scavenger hunt classic and always great fun. Instead of finding the object, players have to find a Man which meets the criteria Share them out among the group or make the Hen do them all! The items in the Hunt are suited to adult players due to their nature.

The game cards are credit card sized (8.5cm x 5.5cm) to easily fit in a handbag, pocket or even a mini-purse so the games can go wherever your party does. All games come practically packaged in a resealable cellophane bag - because drinks get spilt! This is a handmade item, printed on 180gsm pink cardstock which is fairly thin and slightly pliable.

You don't need to wait in for the postman, I will package your order to fit through your letterbox. I also offer expedited shipping options for those last minute panics!

Examples from the game cards:

Who has just bought a drink (1 point)

you downing his drink (10 points)

How to use:

1. Share out the cards (or make the Hen do them all!)

2. Find a man to meet the criteria of each card and get a photo - or go the whole hog and get the bonus points too :) poor blokes ;)

3. Roar with laughter!

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Man Hunt Hen Party Game