ROADSIDE SERVICES SELFIE CHALLENGE Travel Game for Roadtrip Car Journey UK edition

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 Roadside Services Selfie Challenge – perfect for your Summer getaway!

Product features at a glance


    • Bring roadside service stations to life with our great fun Roadside Services Selfie Challenge Game!

    • Look up from the digital devices and stretch your legs at the services with a great fun photo challenge scavenger hunt game made especially for UK Road-side service stations!

    • Perfect to play on a family roadtrip, a journey with friends or colleagues or a coach trip!

    • 10 postcard sized (A6 or 105 x 148 mm or 4.13 x 5.83 inches) double sided playing cards included – why not have team challenges against another car?!

    • FREE UK delivery to your door – or to your destination if you can’t bear the thought of the drive back! 😊

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How to Play:


    1. On arrival at the service station hand out the playing cards, and possibly a pen, to everyone playing to cross items off you’ve got.  People can play as individuals or as teams or pairs, whatever works for you.

    1. Explain the aim of the game is to get photographs of themselves with the items listed.

    1. Players go around and get as many selfies as possible from the cards while the driver gets to have a well-deserved quiet drink…or joins in with the fun!

    1. At the end of the game show off the selfies, laugh hilariously, and declare a winner

n.b. you can play the game across all the service stations you visit en route, if that’s the case just return to the car and pull the game out again at the next services 😊


Game description:

Airports of the road…soul-less overpriced tat shops…a bolt-hole from the relentless road or whatever you call a Roadside Service Station, it isn’t a road trip without taking in some of our unloveliest Roadside Rest-Stops!


You’ve been driving for hours and could do with something a bit more interesting than a breakdown recovery salesman and an overpriced arcade…enter the Road Services Selfie challenge!  All you need is your phone and a drab service station and you are all set!


Distribute the playing cards and race round to find each of the cliché items and grab a selfie with that item!


Once it is time to get on with the journey again you’ll have lots of new and ridiculous photos to share with your travelling companions!


From the predictable overpriced shop fodder to the constant cleaning in progress signs when it is clear no cleaning has been in progress for a very, very, long time.

These things are the absolute stalwarts of a service station, and we secretly love them all!


Examples from the Game cards:

The shop:


    • Neck pillow



    • Poster on the back of the cubicle door



    • Self-serve costa coffee machine



    • Massage chair



    • Dog water bowl - double points if it’s empty

ROADSIDE SERVICES SELFIE CHALLENGE Travel Game for Roadtrip Car Journey UK edition