FAMILY ROADTRIP BINGO travel game spy hunt

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Road Trip Bingo Spy Hunt! – perfect for your Summer getaway!

Product features at a glance

    • Make the scenery whizzing past part of the fun!  Be the first to cross off everything on your card to be declared the winner!

    • Perfect to play on a family roadtrip, a journey with friends or colleagues or a coach trip!

    • Beautiful visual game which doesn’t require reading – just use the pictures if you prefer!

    • Great fun competitive game with ten unique and different playing cards so everyone isn’t looking for the same thing 😊

    • Game size is A5 or 148mm x 210mm or 5.83 x 8.27 inches

    • FREE UK delivery to your door – or to your destination if you can’t bear the thought of the drive back! 😊

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How to Play:

1. Hand out the playing cards and pens to cross off the items

2. Each time you spot one of the items shout it out, as long as someone else in the car has also seen it you can cross it off.

Variation: you can also play that you have to take a photograph with a smartphone instead of cross it off

3. At the next service station, or at your destination, compare cards and announce a winner!

Of course the driver shouldn’t do anything which will mean they aren’t paying attention to the road!!

Game description:

Don’t while away the journey staring at your phone, why not play a game and make the journey a highlight rather than a distraction?!

Peel your eyes and get ready to find these classic road trip sights whizzing by the window as you travel to your destination.  From classics like a personalised plate to a more challenging coach driver with a beard be the first to cross off the ten items off your card to be declared the winner!

There are ten unique cards included so lots of you can play, maybe one car versus another?!  This game will have you lapping up the fun as you eat up the miles relishing the journey together.


Examples from the Game cards:

    • Car from a foreign country

    • Bride over water

    • Coach driver with a beard

FAMILY ROADTRIP BINGO travel game spy hunt