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Travel Would You Rather – perfect for your Summer getaway!

Product features at a glance


    • Learn all about your travelling companions with our great fun and thought-provoking Travel Would you Rather Game Cards!

    • 20 credit card sized Would you Rather questions will fit in any small bag or even pocket

    • Perfect gift for anyone heading off on the journey of a lifetime!

    • Get everyone talking on a family roadtrip, a journey with friends or colleagues or a coach trip

    • Beautiful full colour postcard design for an eye-catching keepsake

    • FREE UK delivery to your door – or to you destination if you can’t bear the thought of the journey back! 😊

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How to Play:


    1. Hand out the cards and get one person to read out the first card, it will begin with ‘Would you Rather’ then you choose from the options.  The rule is that you must pick one, no matter how unpalatable or unrealistic the options are, suspending the disbelief is essential😊

    1. Everyone goes around and says their choice between the two options.

    1. Discuss and find out everyone’s reason for choosing, and maybe try to sway each other’s opinions!

    1. Repeat until you’ve gone through all the cards

Game description:

They say travel broadens the mind and I tend to agree!  However, how well do you know your travelling companions?!

Find out their true mettle and what they really would prefer to do on their travels with this great fun ‘Would You Rather Travel Edition’.

Rural retreat, or bustling city break?  Pack light or pack everything?!

You’ll be surprised and reassured in equal measure as you delve in to the travelling mindset of your companions and have hours of new stuff to discuss!

Examples from the Game cards:

Would you rather…

Travel round the word OR Fly to the moon

Would you rather the seat next to you on the train…

Is empty OR occupied by an interesting stranger?