Christmas Pass the Parcel Game - Childrens Xmas Games *just add gifts*

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Christmas Pass the Parcel Game

Unique fun and special Christmas Games for Families!

**just add gifts**

🎄 PASS THE PARCEL CHRISTMAS FUN RHYMES 🎄 - 10 A6 postcard sized pass the parcel rhyme cards plus three spot win prizes. Each rhyme directs to whom the christmas present should be passed to next - from largest shoe size to the fairest hair everyone connects and gets engrossed in the game. Essential Christmas party supplies or christmas office party games!

🎁 WRAP YOUR XMAS GIFT AND PLAY 🎁 - Buy your winning gift (not included) and wrap in your prettiest paper then add a 'rhyme' card and then wrap again...keep going until all the rhyme cards are gone. Your christmas pass the parcel is ready to play as Christmas games or christmas party games!

👪 PERFECT HOLIDAY ICEBREAKER FOR ALL AGES & TASTES 👪 - As each layer is torn off and the rhyme revealed the two-line poem says who the gift should pass to next. From shoe size, to height, to hair colour and simple location around the group the play is totally random. When the last layer is opened that person keeps the gift inside! Wonderful for secret santa gifts presentations or charity christmas fun.

💬 NO MUSIC REQUIRED, JUST USE THE RHYME TO PLAY 💬 - You won't need a music system like standard pass the parcel... the rhyme explains where the package passes. No complex pausing required! The easy format makes this perfect christmas family games or as christmas ideas when you're home for Christmas.

🎅 TOTALLY FLEXIBLE FORMAT 🎅 - Christmas day games? Family gifts for christmas? Office Christmas party games? Christmas secret santa gifts? Christmas games for adults? Christmas games for children? Pass the rhyme is the perfect christmas activities whatever you have planned for Christmas 2020!

💂 BUY BRITISH ONLINE THIS XMAS 💂Hannah's Games is a proud UK Small Business - please trust your Christmas Dinner Games to us! Our Christmas Games are written in UK English (no americanisms!) to delight adult and child! We create Christmas Table Party Games we love to play too

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Christmas is a time for spending a great time with family and friends!

However, shaking it up each year to keep it special and memorable is a constant struggle!

Why not have a brilliant and unusual game which involves everyone laughing and connecting?

The premise is simple: a wrapped gift is passed around the group and each layer of paper is ripped off to reveal a two-line poem saying who the gift should pass to next. From shoe size, to height, to hair colour and simple location around the group everyone can be involved and the game is totally random.

As each person gets the gift, they remove a layer of wrapping paper and read the poem, which says whether they get to keep it, or have to pass it to the person specified in the poem.

After ten rhymes the gift will be opened and that person gets to keep the contents!

There are two opportunities to include spot-prizes which you can choose to scatter throughout the game to keep interest and excitement throughout.

Something different and fun which involves everyone – what isn’t there to love?!

How to Play:
1.Buy one gift as the main prize and two smaller ‘spot-prize’ gifts of equal value
2.Wrap the gift and attach each rhyme like a gift card - you can choose to seal each in an envelope (not supplied). Wrap another layer and then attach rhyme number 9. Wrap again and attach the next number until you have a big bundle of wrapping paper with the first envelope on the outside. The game is now all set up to play 😊
3. When it is time to play, hand the gift to the first player and they read the first rhyme and pass to the person stated who opens a layer and reads the next continues until all the layers are ripped off

Examples from the game cards:
Santa’s Elves may give you a clue
Pass this to the person with the smallest shoe

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Christmas Pass the Parcel Game - Childrens Xmas Games *just add gifts*