Xmas Would you Rather Cards - Christmas Games for Families & Childrens Eve Box Fillers

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Would You Rather Game Cards with Christmas Theme!

🎅 CHRISTMAS THEMED WOULD YOU RATHER CARD GAME 🎅 - Let the family Christmas fun commence! 20 Christmas themed choices to laugh surprise and entertain this Christmas! Xmas games family will remember & help connect with children, loved ones & families!

😎 EASY TO PLAY FOR EVERYONE 😎 - Simply read out the choice on cards & everyone says which they choose - but they must choose one! Content is suitable for christmas stocking fillers for girls or boys, secret santa gifts for childrens or adults Christmas party games!

🎁 A6 POSTCARD SIZED FLEXIBLE FUN FORMAT 🎁 - Use as Christmas eve box fillers kids will love, Secret santa gifts 5 or under, stocking fillers for children, Christmas party bag or boxes, Christmas table games or as a christmas activity pack adults can play too! - totally flexbile to your holiday games needs!

🎄 FUN ENGAGING CHRISTMAS QUESTIONS 🎄 - From choosing between birthday or christmas to someone's preference between Christmas movies or songs the universal & fun content means everyone can join in these silly  xmas games! Makes a memorable filler for xmas eve box or to play with other christmas games kids will love.

💂 UK CONTENT + BRITISH MANUFACTURE 💂 - The game is designed and written for the UK market and made right here in the UK so when you sit down over this Christmas dinner games you'll know you're supporting small UK business. We have stuffers for stockings for him, her or teenagers and much more besides. Thanks for being part of our story!   

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Christmas is a magical time, but everyone loves different things about the festive season.

Some people find the magical song of a Christmas Caroller a wonder to behold, whereas others would rather do the washing up than listen to one note!

Of all the wonderful characters, experiences and joys of the season which are your favourites? This game sets out to find the answer!

The game is simple…everyone must choose one of the options presented on the card – no matter how unpleasant, implausible or ridiculous the choice may be!

The twenty beautifully designed cards offer a great way to connect a group of all ages and enjoy understanding everyone’s perfect – or worst ever - Christmas!

How to play:

1.Hand out the playing cards so they are distributed around the group
2.First person reads out the either-or option on the card
3.Go around the group with everyone saying their choice and explaining why
4.Roar with laughter at people’s choices!
5.Play then passes to the next person who reads out their card. Continue until all the cards have been completed

Examples from the game cards:

Would you rather be...
At home for Christmas with lots of presents


in Disneyland for Christmas but not get any presents?

Would you rather have...

tinsel for hair


fairy lights for fingers?


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Xmas Would you Rather Cards - Christmas Games for Families & Childrens Eve Box Fillers