Royal Wedding Bingo to celebrate this lovely couple!

Ah!  What’s not to love about a Royal Wedding?!  As much as every couple’s wedding is as unique as they are, there is something extra special about the pomp and pagentry of a Royal Wedding!  From those glorious scarlet uniforms to the majesty of the venue sprinkled with the carriages and processions it is just wonderful to watch.  Add to that two young people whom we have utterly taken to our hearts, what could be better?!  To draw together the magic of the day we bring our Royal Wedding Bingo: Harry & Meghan Edition.  Designed to help you seek out and treasure every glorious moment, from the guests headdress to the Bride’s Dress reveal!

Royal Wedding Bingo; what’s in the game?

royal wedding bingo cards with royal wedding bingo game with cream background

Our Royal Wedding Bingo delights in all those special moments we can expect from the television coverage and from the ceremony itself.  I’ve collected together over forty special moments we can expect from the wedding including the arrival of the Mother of the Bride to the inevitable carriage attendants in scarlet and red coats and many more in between.  Each bingo card has twenty-five different moments to spot on the television coverage and no two cards are the same so you won’t have two winners 😊.  There are twenty unique bingo cards included, with each card named after a Royal Residence from Buckingham Palace to Sandringham, everywhere is included.

But how to do you play Royal Wedding Bingo?

royal wedding bingo instructions hannahs games cropped prince harry meghan markle

It couldn’t be easier to play Royal Wedding Bingo: gather together your prizes in advance – I would recommend something British themed 😊 – and then print the number of bingo cards you need.  Just before the show starts hand out the bingo cards and pens and you’re ready to go!  As people see something written on their royal wedding bingo card they shout it out ‘I see cheering crowds’ and as long as another player saw it too you can cross it off.  Decide in advance if people are playing for lines, two lines or just the Full House and have the prizes ready.  Instead of shouting bingo when a player reaches a line or any other prize they could shout the name of the palace on the top of their card!  I promise this will bring Royal Wedding Fever out in everyone!  You will be amazed at how even the least interested Royal Wedding watcher will be glued to the TV murmuring ‘come on I just need the Mother of the Bride to arrive for a Line!’ – I guarantee it!

What is the design of this Royal Wedding Game like?

roya lwedding bingo front card hannahs games prince harry meghan markle

Look, you can tell from all this that I love this Royal Wedding bingo game!  However I can’t give you an overview without talking about the stunning design.  With the front cover starring one of the Queen’s beloved corgi’s (so sad to hear about Willow ☹) it immediately screams British Royalty!  Each bingo card has the glorious Union Flag – cool Britannia eat your heart out! – as the stunning backdrop to the bingo card text.  The font is really clear and easy to read too.  Good sized playing cards A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inches) means you won’t be struggling to read the text even if you’ve had a few too many celebratory glass of champagne! (Prince Harry would want you to have a drink at his Wedding, wouldn’t he?!)

Royal Wedding Bingo: Harry and Meghan Edition is available now as a digital Download from our website.  along with our other Royal Wedding Games [link to the range page] all available for digital download


Over to you, have you been invited?!

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