Royal Wedding Games

Royal Wedding Games

Fun and laughter guaranteed with our Royal Wedding Games!  Whether you’re having a party, or just enjoying the coverage on your own, our games are just what you need!  Choose from a printable game you download or – while stocks last – get a Limited Edition Print Edition.

Royal Wedding Games: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Edition

Well I make absolutely no apology being utterly and totally excited about the upcoming Royal Wedding on the 19th May!  To see the down-to-earth and self-less Prince Harry marrying the successful, sassy and sexy Meghan Markle feels like the kind of wedding we all want to be a part of!

But that’s the joy of a Royal Wedding isn’t it?!  We CAN all be a part of it!  Those cameras will take us closer than any invited guest will get…not that I am not still smarting a bit for not getting an invite! Okay I am!!

Well dust off your fascinators and Top Hats, get in the champagne!  Because we are going to make Watching the Royal Wedding even better than getting an invite!!  If you’re wanting to cherish every moment then why not play our Royal Wedding Bingo Game?  Or exercise that brain with our Royal Traditions Quiz?  For those of you with eager eyes you may enjoy our Spy Hunts where you look out for the Celebrity Guests or look out for those fascinating fascinators and hats with the Outfits Spy Hunt.

If you are secretly really not taking the whole thing very seriously – chanelling a younger version of the Groom perhaps?! – then get our Royal Wedding cliche  Drinking Game!

All these games are available as digital downloads – meaning you print them yourself so we can supply these anywhere in the World!  We have also decided to release a limited number of printed version due to high demand so please get the mquick; once they’re gone they’re gone!  SO get browsing and buying and make Harry and Meghan’s wedding the best yet!

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