Left Right Passing Baby Shower Game

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Product Features at a glance:

    • Pack of 6 cards (cover, instructions, 2 text cards,1 “Win” card & 1 “Lose” card)
    • Gorgeous unisex design
    • A6 sized game packaged in a spill-proof resealable bag (A6 = 1/4 of a normal A4 sheet)
    • A classic game especially adapted for Baby Showers
    • Excellent game to play around the table with cupcakes and mugs of tea
    • FREE UK delivery

How to play:

  1. Seal the win and lose cards in envelopes
  2. Get the ladies to sit so they can pass items to each other
  3. Give the two envelopes to two players
  4. Read the story: each time you say the word LEFT anyone holding an envelope passes it left, each time you say RIGHT anyone holding an envelope passes it to the right
  5. At the end of the story the two people holding the envelopes open them and find out who has the winning card!


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