AIRPORT PHOTO QUEST Scavenger Hunt Bingo Travel Game **DOWNLOAD**


AIRPORT PHOTO QUEST Scavenger Hunt Bingo Travel Game **DOWNLOAD**

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Make the airport wait FUN this summer – perfect way to start your Summer getaway!

This is a downloadable game you print yourself, no physical item will be posted

Product features at a glance

  • Bring the airport to life as you race to photograph yourself with the classic airport sights listed on each card!
  • Perfect to play before a family holiday, with friends or even with colleagues or other groups!
  • Ten unique playing cards mean everyone won’t be looking for the same items – making it really competitive!
  • Downloadable product you print yourself
  • Game size is A5 (148mm x 210mm 5.83 x 8.27 inches)

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How to Play:

  1. Before departing print your playing cards
  2. Arrive at the airport and dole out the playing cards and pens to cross off the completed items
  3. Explain that each player needs to get a photo of each of the items on their cards.  Each photograph is worth 5 points.  They do not have to be in the photo (selfie) but they get their points doubled if they are, making the photo worth 10 points.  Once you’ve captured a photo tick it off the sheet and record your points.
  4. Once at your destination, or on the plane, get out your phones and compare photos and declare a winner!

Game description:

The thrill of air travel!  The anticipation of the flight to come!  The horror at the overpriced food!

There is something magical about departing by plane that, even though we don’t get dressed up for it anymore, we still enjoy!

However, you can’t deny it, there is a lot of waiting around at the airport.

From arriving hours before the flight, to clearing security you can find yourself with hours to while away whilst awaiting your flight…why not play a game?!

Our Airport Photo Quest is the just the ticket to keep you occupied.

From the enormous Toblerone bar to the luggage shops spotting, each of these classic airport sights brings you one step closer to that magical plane journey.

Play competitively, or play as a team with your travelling companions, and enjoy the airport as much as the flight!

This is a digital game no physical item will be sent to you.

Some examples from the Game cards:

  • Toblerone
  • Perfume tester sticks/pads
  • Wheeled luggage


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