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Make the wait at the airport FUN this summer – perfect way to start your Summer getaway!

This is a downloadable game you print yourself, no physical item will be posted

Product features at a glance

  • Keep the children loving the airport this summer as they race to spot the classic airport items
  • Perfect to play before a family holiday, with friends or even on a school trip or youth group holiday!
  • Beautiful full colour design with items show visually and with the writing too so everyone can play – regardless of reading ability!
  • Downloadable product you print yourself
  • Game size is A5 (148mm x 210mm 5.83 x 8.27 inches)
  • INSTANT Digital Delivery

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How to Play

1.Before departing print your playing cards

2. Hand out the spy hunt playing cards and a pen or pencil to everyone playing.   Choose to play individually, in pairs or threes or play together and everyone works together to find all the items!  The finish time is the moment boarding is called at the gate, so all the items must be found by then!

3. Search for all the items on the card, to cross one off someone else must have seen it to and agreed to it.  Once they have you can cross it off.

Optional: you can make it so you have to take a photograph of the item as you find it

4. Once on the plane compare the spy hunt cards and declare a winner!


Game description:

Holidaying with children is magical memory making, but it can be hard work!

As long as there is a constant stream of entertainment they’re fine…but airports aren’t that entertaining!

How will we cope?!  Play the Children’s Edition of the Airport Spy Hunt!

From glorious colours to classic sights children will love hunting out the items in the airport to while away the hours before the flight.

You can either give the child their own card or set them up in pairs or teams!

Easy for young children to play by looking at the pictures and the writing is there to develop older players too.

A great fun way to bring everyone together and making the journey part of the destination 😊

This is a digital game no physical item will be sent to you.


Some examples from the Game cards:

  • Escalator
  • Stuffed animal
  • Lady in high heels


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