PARENTING WOULD YOU RATHER? GAME – Hilarious Baby Shower Game – Great Unisex Design

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Parenting “Would you rather…?” Game ~ Baby Shower Edition


Product Features at a glance

    • Pack of 20 game cards (+ cover & instructions)
    • Gorgeous unisex design
    • Credit-card sized game packaged in a spill-proof resealable bag (Credit Card size  = 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm)
    • A hilariously funny game for Baby Showers!
    • FREE UK delivery

How to play:

  • Put the game cards in the middle
  • Each player picks up a card and read it out loud
  • Everyone must pick one of the options!
  • Discuss the reasons why and roar with laughter
Let’s be honest, parenting is not exactly the easiest of gigs!!  Now some of the situations you find yourself in as a parent cannot be prepared for…until this game came along!  Yes, if we can’t make parenting bearable we may as well at least laugh at it!  Each card gives a choice between two pretty awful options and everyone must choose one or the other.  For those playing at a Baby Shower best to let the Mum-to-be think these are all fictional, hmm, yeah, let’s go with that. But experienced Mum’s out there will be screaming ‘that’s happened to me!’ with alarming frequency!  A hilarious break from the more twee games one normally encounters at a Baby Shower – this one will get everyone laughing!


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