Left Right Passing Easter Game

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  • A6 postcard sized Easter Party Game with 6 cards (cover, instructions, 2 text cards,1 “Win” card & 1 “Lose” card)
  • Great Fun Easter Game where easter eggs or other prizes are passed Left or Right dependent on the poem
  • Professionally designed Easter Activity made in the UK and delivered FREE
  • An unusual Easter Bunny Game to Play and a wonderful Famliy Easter Game to play
  • Perfect Easter Games to Play this Easter to celebrate your Easter Party or Bringing Family together for Easter
Full Description
Left Right Easter Game is a wonderful Easter Game for Children or a great family easter game which everyone can play
Listen to the story about the Easter Bunny visiting and each time ‘right’ is said pass the cards to the right, and each time ‘left’ is said pass the cards to the left.
Such an easy easter game to play but great fun and gets everyone involvedExample from the game:

He’d LEFT crumbs from his dinner RIGHT on the tablecloth… oh! and there was a carrot LEFT on the carpet; that wasn’t RIGHT at all!

How to play: 
1. Seal the win and lose cards in envelopes
2. Get the family members to sit so they can pass items to each other
3. Give the two envelopes to two players – or stick them to small and large Easter Eggs
4. Read the story: each time you say the word LEFT anyone holding an envelope passes it left, each time you say RIGHT anyone holding an envelope passes it to the right
5. At the end of the story the two people holding the envelopes open them and find out who has the winning card!


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