Pass the Rhyme Easter Game

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Pass the Rhyme Easter Quiz
  • Family Easter Game: Pass the Parcel for Easter Fun! Pass the wrapped parcel – possibly an easter basket or an easter egg – to whoever the rhyme tells you and whoever is holding it at the end is the winner!
  • Great Fun Easter Game where easter eggs or other prizes are passed around the Easter Party based on criteria set by the rhyme e.g smallest shoe, fairest hair etc
  • Professionally designed Easter Activity made in the UK and delivered FREE
  • An unusual fun easter game to play and suitable as an easter game for children and an easter activity for adults, everyone can play
  • Perfect Easter Games to Play this Easter to celebrate your Easter Party or Bringing Family together for Easter
Full description:

Pass the Rhyme Easter Game is a wonderful Easter Game for Children or a great family easter game which everyone can play
Listen as the rhymes are read as to who to pass to next e.g. wearing a specific colour or tallest or shortest 
Such an easy easter game to play but great fun and gets everyone involved in the easter games and activities 

Example from the game: Don’t Despair, here’s the next clue
Pass this now to the player with the largest shoe

How to use:
Choose your main prize – possibly an easter basket or a large Chocolate easter egg – wrapped in the centre and between each layer of wrapping in one of the rhymes (added like a gift label) 
At the Easter activity hand the wrapped parcel to the first player, who reads the poem aloud and passes it to the person who meets the criteria e.g. sat in a specific place or some personal characteristic or item of clothing. 
That player takes the parcel, removes a wrapping layer and reads the next verse of the poem, play passes to the player specified there are spot prize cards to include randomly in the layers of wrapping or you can put little sweets or chocolates in each layer if your prefer
Whoever unwraps the last layer and reads the final verse of the poem has won the prize in the middle! 

An alternative is to play with envelopes:
1. Before the Easter Party, seal each of the rhymes in a numbered envelope and tie with a pretty ribbon. There are three additional prize cards to hide in other envelopes to discover during the game should you choose to do. 
2. Hand the stack of pretty envelopes to the first player who opens the envelope and reads the first rhyme
3. They then pass on the rest of the stack to the player who meets the criteria of that rhyme 
3. Pass around until the final envelope is revealed and they are the winner!

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Dimensions 5.5 × 8.5 × .6 cm


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