CHRISTMAS SCAVENGER HUNT – Find the Reindeer Edition – 10 Clue Cards with instructions


CHRISTMAS SCAVENGER HUNT – Find the Reindeer Edition – 10 Clue Cards with instructions

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Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game
Find the Lost Reindeer!

🔎 FIND THE LOST REINDEER SCAVENGER HUNT 🔍 – It’s an Easter Egg Hunt, but for Christmas! Simply lay out the 10 clues around your home and leave the big stash at the end. Comes with full instructions on laying the trail plus answers…all you need to decide is what kids Christmas item to put at the end! Make the kids work this year and play christmas games families will remember for years to come! 

🏠 EASY TO SET UP AND PLAY IN YOUR HOME 🏠 – Secretly lay the trail of clues around your house in the specified locations like by the toothpaste, bed and fridge. Then when it’s time to play you read the children christmas ‘Lost Reindeer’ poem and present the first clue and they’re off! Great for Christmas party games at home or to make an xmas kids will remember! 
🎄 USE FOR ARRIVAL OF KIDS CHRISTMAS ITEMS 🎄- The Hunt can end with Christmas Eve Box, Elf on the Shelf, Advent Calendar or even Christmas Stockings as Christmas day games! Maybe you want to lay the trail with Christmas eve box fillers kids will love? Or have all their Christmas eve box presents at the end? However you play this is one of those special christmas ideas kids will love whether played as a family or at a xmas party.
 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 FLEXIBLE TO DIFFERENT AGES 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 – The clues are postcard sized so can be hidden really well for older children or large enough to be obvious for younger ones. Each clue has a full colour the image of the reindeer you’re hunting on it so it will stand-out in your home this Christmas. You can also attach each clue to one of their Christmas box fillers to get them really in the mood for the Christmas activities and other holiday games to come! 
💂 UK CONTENT + BRITISH MANUFACTURE 💂 – We love creating Childrens Christmas games kids love which are manufactured right here in the UK . All our Xmas Games content is totally unique and owned by us – Christmas ideas kids love + supporting UK small business = Merry Christmas for everyone! 
Full Product Description
Bring some excitement and anticipation for the kids this Christmas with our fantastic Christmas Scavenger Hunt!

Whether you want the children to hunt out a Christmas Eve Box, the arrival of their Elf on the Shelf or maybe their actual Christmas Stockings on the magical morning itself this wonderful game will make it so much more memorable!

Simply hide the clues around the house in the specified places – possibly with some Christmas goodies to enjoy “en route” 😊 and gather your hunters.

Read out the beautiful little poem which explains that Santa has lost his reindeer and that helps is needed to find them and save Christmas!

Each clue finds one reindeer until the last one directs them to their reward!

Watch with delight as the children fly around the house solving the ten simple clues and collecting the reindeer!

A great fun way to get everyone together and in the festive spirit and for a bit of magical memory making.

How to play:
1. Lay the traill around the house leaving each clue in the set locations with the main ‘loot’ at the end
2. Gather the kids and read out ‘The Lost Reindeer’ poem and hand them the first clue
3. Supervise, and delight, as they race around the house solviing the clues (don’t worry, you have all the answers in case they get stuck! 🙂
4. Celebrate with them at the end!

Examples from the game:

Phew we’ve got Vixen! That’s eight left to find!
Luckily Comet also left a clue behind…
‘Christmas Movies are the best, don’t you agree?
The next clue is hiding by the _ _’


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