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Royal Wedding Celebrity Spotter Game!

Physical game to be delivered to your door – downloadable version also available separate listing

Product features at a glance

• Full Colour Spy Hunt to spot the celebrities who made the guest list!
• Glorious full colour images of the famous faces so everyone can play along whether they know the person or not
FREE UK Delivery
• 10 x A5 size cards included plus full playing instructions
• Can also be played as a drinking game: everyone has to drink if they aren’t the first person to spot a famous face!
We have a full range of Royal Wedding Games, please check them out for further Royal fun!

How to play:

In advance – you may want to gather some little fun prizes in addition to the winner prize.  I suggest prizes for spotting certain Celebrities first (maybe HM The Queen for example 😊) or being the first to complete a section or getting one of the bonus section.  
Just before the Show starts:
1. Give out the playing sheets and pens to everyone who is playing.  
2. The aim of the game is to be the first to spot the famous faces.  When a player sees a Famous Face from the game they shout the celebrity’s name.  Then another player has to verify that they’ve seen them too.  Once the call has been verified everyone can cross it off their playing card but the person who called first gives it a little star on their sheet.  If there is a spot-prize associated with that celebrity then give that out 😊  
3. Once the Wedding Ceremony starts the game is over.  Count up who has the most ‘star’ spots, they are the winner!

Game description:

We all love a Royal Wedding!  Let’s be honest part of the drama and excitement is finding out which of those Famous Faces scored an invite and seeing how they brush up for a right Royal Shindig!  Envelop yourself in the majesty of the occasion, while look out for Her Majesty or course, with the Celebrity Royal Wedding Spy Hunt!
This is the perfect game for celeb lovers everywhere as you spot each of the selected celebrities!  All you need are the playing cards and a group of people who want to watch (or you could play it yourself and keep all the prizes!) 😊

Examples celebrities game:

• HM The Queen
• Serena Williams
• Patrick J Adams


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