ROYAL WEDDING GUEST OUTFIT SPY HUNT **Limited Edition Print Version**


ROYAL WEDDING GUEST OUTFIT SPY HUNT **Limited Edition Print Version**

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Royal Wedding Outfits Spy Hunt

This is a physical game – also available as an electronic download

Product features at a glance

• The ultimate and only game for fashion followers of the Royal Wedding!
• Both brilliant, and hilarious, outfits to cross-off for both men and women PLUS a bonus round for those in uniform 😊
• Glorious full colour British Design for a game as stunning as those hats!
• FREE UK Delivery
• 10 x A6 size game double sided cards
We have a full range of Royal Wedding Games, please check them out for further Royal fun!

How to Play:

In advance: Get a main prize and also it might be fun to get some spot prizes for certain items of your choice like first from a category or particularly amusing descriptors.
When ready to play:
1. Give out the playing cards to everyone watching with you
2. Watch the television coverage and each time one of the items is shown someone shouts it out.  One other person needs to ‘verify’ it and then everyone can cross it off who saw it.  The person who spotted it first gets a ‘star’ to show they spotted it first.  
3. At the end the person with the most ‘stars’ is the winner

Game description:

From the upper echelons British Society to masses who will line the streets of Windsor punctuated with the glorious uniforms of our great State institutions a Royal Wedding is all about the outfits, darling!  At no other event will pound-shop polyester wigs be one television shot from this season’s must-have hairpiece.  Celebrate the incongruity, fashion disasters and stylistic symmetry among both the men and women of the invited guests who will be celebrating with Harry and Meghan in Windsor.   We’ve also included a bonus round for those eye-catching uniforms which contribute so much to the spectacle!
Simply dish out the cards and get admiring those hats and fascinating fascinators!  Cross them off as they appear and enjoy the sheer impossibility of what some of the great and the good actually wear to a wedding!! 
Examples from the Game cards:
Female guest with a hat or fascinator which…
• includes an enormous flower
• will be difficult for the person behind to see over
Male guests attire and appearance:
• glorious sideburns
• wearing a top hat
BONUS Uniform round:
• Carriage attendant in Scarlet and Gold braided jackets


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