Royal Wedding Bingo **limited Edition Print Version**


Royal Wedding Bingo **limited Edition Print Version**

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Royal Wedding Bingo Game: Harry & Meghan Edition
originally we were only offering this as a download but due to demand we have done a limited print run; once this is sold out there will be no restocking & will be only available as digital download

Product features at a glance 

  • Royal Wedding TV Coverage Bingo covering everything from the Reveal of the dress to the good old British weather!
  • Glorious full colour British Design for an eye-catching and special game
  • 20 Full Colour bingo cards, each with twenty five moments to look out for
  • A6 1/4 A4 size professionally printed
We have a full range of Royal Wedding Games, please check them out for further Royal fun! 
How to play: 
In advance:  Gather three prizes, a winning prize for the full house and two smaller prizes for one line and two lines respectively.  Ensure you have enough bingo cards and enough pens for all players.
Just before the show starts:
  1. Explain that they have to spot every descriptor on their bingo card and cross it out.  When they think they have spotted one they should shout it out and, once confirmed another player has seen it too, it can be crossed off.
  2. Once a player has crossed off one line, then two lines everyone is then playing for the Full House.  To declare that you are claiming a prize you must shout out the name of the Palace or Royal Residence at the top of your Bingo Card.  Much more classy than ‘Bingo!’.
  3. If all of the bingo items haven’t been crossed off by the end (this is live tele and nobody can be totally sure what will happen!) the person with the most items crossed off their grid is declared the winner.
Game description: 
Ah!  What’s not to love about a Royal Wedding?!  As much as every couple’s wedding is as unique as they are, there is something extra special about the pomp and pagentry of a Royal Wedding!  From those glorious scarlet uniforms to the majesty of the venue sprinkled with the carriages and processions it is just wonderful to watch.  Add to that two young people whom we have utterly taken to our hearts, what could be better?!  To draw together the magic of the day we bring our Royal Wedding Bingo: Harry & Meghan Edition.
Our game will help you seek out and treasure every glorious moment, from the guests headdress to the Bride’s Dress reveal!  You’ll need a group of avid watchers as we have pored over hours of Royal coverage to find the wonderful hallmarks which sum up a Royal Wedding, and the television coverage that goes with it.  Each of the twenty included playing cards is titled with a Royal residence like Buckingham Palace or Sandringham so you can really get in the mood!  The game will be delivered FREE in the UK ready to play on the 19th May – all you need to do is gather your watching companions!
Examples from the Game cards: 
  • military on horseback
  • ladies wearing eye-catching head-dress
  • HRH Prince Harry and HRH Prince William arriving together at the Chapel
  • everyone sings God Save the Queen


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