Royal Wedding Cliche Drinking Game **digital**


Royal Wedding Cliche Drinking Game **digital**

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Product features at a glance

  • The ultimate and only Drinking Game for watchers of the Royal Wedding!
  • Hilarious clichés and tropes each with a drinking penalty attached
  • Glorious full colour British Design for an eye-catching game
  • Downloadable product you print yourself
  • A5 and A4 sizes included with the download, plus full playing instructions
  • We have a full range of Royal Wedding Games, please check them out for further Royal fun!


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How to Play:

  1. Gather together a bunch of mates and a load of alcohol
  2. Reassess the amount of alcohol you have and realise you need to get more
  3. Circulate the drinking penalties so everyone knows when to drink
  4. Watch the coverage of the Royal Wedding and each time one of the stated clichés occurs shout it out. Then everyone in the group then takes a gulp, chug, down your drink or keep drinking as directed by the game.  Optional: person who spotted the cliché doesn’t have to drink 

Game description:

Now look, it isn’t a British Wedding without conspicuous over-consumption of alcohol.  We didn’t get an extra Bank Holiday for the marriage of Harry and Meghan BUT we did get longer licensing hours for the weekend and that means one thing: more drinking!   A drinking Game for Harry’s Wedding??  It is no less than what he would expect of his Loyal Subjects!

You’ll need lots of booze for this one as we have pored over hours of Royal coverage to find the hilarious hallmarks which sum up a Royal Wedding, and the tele coverage that goes with it.  The drinking penalties are divided up in to ‘gulp’, ‘chug’, ‘down your drink’ and ‘drink until…’

The game will be delivered to your email inbox all ready to print and play on the 19th May – now it is just time to order the booze!

Examples from the Game cards:

Gulp each time examples:

  • Anyone with ginger hair (guest, Groom etc)
  • The Union Flag appearing as anything other than a flag (hat, umbrella, clothing, wig etc)

Chug each time examples:

  • Hat or fascinator which defies gravity
  • New television correspondent

Down your drink example:

  • Victoria Beckham smiles

Keep drinking example:

  • Issues with live coverage e.g. sound goes, image freezes etc – drink until it is fixed


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