Royal Wedding Traditions Quiz Game


Royal Wedding Traditions Quiz Game

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Product features at a glance

  • 20 true or false questions about Royal Weddings in General and about Harry and Meghan’s in particular
  • Rich in historical tradition, a Royal Wedding is a chance to learn more, or show off your knowledge, about the British Royal Family
  • All ages can play as the True or False format means everyone has a chance of getting it right!
  • Glorious full colour British Designed credit card sized cards bring a special flare to the trivia
  • Downloadable game you print yourself and cut in to individual cards


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Game description:

Royal Weddings are steeped in customs and traditions and that’s what we love about them!  Even when an expectation is broken even that is delightful by its significance!  I suppose the Royal Family have been having these occasions a long time – it is only to be expected they are pretty set in their ways about it!  This pits your knowledge of weddings long past and some trivia about Harry and Meghan’s nuptials too!  True or False format means we all have a chance of getting a few right 😊

This is the perfect game for all those Royalists!  Everyone can join in with the true or false format so the game is really inclusive.  All you need are the playing cards and a group of fellow players and you’re ready to play!

The game will be delivered to your email inbox all ready for you to print and play on the 19th May.

Examples from the game cards:

Meghan Markle has had to baptised in to the Church of England in a private ceremony in order for Harry to remain in line for the Throne – True or False?

Whoever catches the Royal bouquet gets a payout of £10,000 from the Royal purse – True or False?


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