Pass The Rhyme Hen Party Game

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 Who is wearing the biggest earrings? Who has the smallest handbag? 

Find out with this lovely clean Hen Party game!

    • Pass the rhyme: icebreaker pass the parcel for Hen Parties!

    • Each rhyme dictates who the rhyme passes to next & has the chance of a spot prize

    • Excellent icebreaker for people that don't know each other

    • Perfect for a restaurant or any group setting

    • Good Clean Fun so perfect for multi-generation parties

About the product:

Planning, researching and creating hen party games takes hours, I've done all that hard work for you!

This is a lovely game which lets everyone get to know each other in a clean and fun way. Each card has a little rhyme which the first person reads out which says who the stack of cards should be passed to next (smallest shoe, biggest bag etc); they read the next rhyme and pass on etc etc. Full playing instructions are provided. A great way to play is to seal the cards in the mini-envelopes and tie with a pretty ribbon, available as extras.  There are loads of different ways to play and you can choose your variation using the electronic instructions which I'll send you a link to with your invoice.

The game cards are credit card sized (8.5cm x 5.5cm) to easily fit in a handbag, pocket or even a mini-purse so the games can go wherever your party does. The game cards come practically packaged in a resealable cellophane bag - because drinks get spilt! This is a handmade item, printed on 180gsm pink cardstock which is fairly thin and slightly pliable.

You don't need to wait in for the postman, I will package your order to fit through your letterbox. I also offer expedited shipping options for those last minute panics!

 Examples from the game cards:

Each of the 15 rhyme cards has a brief rhyme which tells the group who the rhyme pile should be passed to next, but it will take some investigating!


"roses they say are kissed by dew, pass this to the lady with the smallest shoe"

How to use:

1. Before the party, seal each of the rhymes in a numbered envelope and tie with a pretty ribbon (option to have red polka dot ribbon included). There are three additional prize cards to hide in other envelopes to discover during the game should you choo

2. Hand the stack of pretty envelopes to the bride who opens the envelope and passes on the rest of the stack to the player who meets the criteria of that rhyme

3. Pass around until the final envelope is revealed and they are the winner!

Pass The Rhyme Hen Party Game