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Birthday Pass the Parcel Rhyme Game

🎂BIRTHDAY PASS THE PARCEL RHYME GAME 🎂 10 A6 postcard sized rhyme cards plus two spot win prize cards! Each rhyme directs who the wrapped gift (not included) passes to next - from eldest to what people are wearing all guests are involved in the birthday games and activities!

🎂 SIMPLY WRAP YOUR PRIZES & PLAY! 🎂 - Buy pass the parcel prizes and fillers (not included) wrap, add our 'rhyme' card between each layer & repeat until all the rhyme birthday cards are used - now your pass the parcel birthday game is ready to play!

🎂 NO MUSIC REQUIRED AS RHYME DOES ALL THE WORK! 🎂 - Forget speakers & pausing as our clever activity rhyme tells players who who opens the next layer automatically! So you can play anywhere - even in a busy environment where you cannot play music indoor or outdoor at a garden bbq or other event!

🎂 SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES 🎂 - Everyone loves pass the parcel game whether party games for kids birthday or party games adult style or party games for family or catering to teenagers or pre-teens the universal design decorations with balloons banner crown and sweets means you can change your pass the parcel gifts to suit your guests age from girls men teens women boys

🎂 SUITS ANY PARTY THEME 🎂 - Match pass the parcel paper and gifts accessories or toys for pass the parcel to suit! Some suggestions: frozen pamper minecraft pirate princess superhero unicorn jungle dinosaur donkey football Pig rainbow wizard mermaid paw fairy sleepover dog patrol poo 18th 30th 40th 50th 70th 80th

Examples from the game cards:
The party games begin and we all want a prize...
Pass to the nearest guest with the host's colour eyes!

How to Play: 
1.Buy one pass the parcel gifts for kids or adults as appropriate as the main prize and two smaller ‘spot-prize’ gifts (prizes not included) 
2.Wrap gift and attach each rhyme like a gift card. Wrap another layer and then attach rhyme number 9. Wrap again and attach the next number until you have a big bundle of wrapping paper with the first envelope on the outside. The game is now all set up to play 😊  
3. When it is time to play, hand the gift to the birthday person and they read the first rhyme and pass to whoever matched the rhyme who opens a layer and reads the next continues until all the layers are ripped off!

Hannah's Games is a small UK family business and whichever year olds you are celebrating and whether it is party games for kids birthday or party games adult funny you are looking for our birthdayt games outdoor or indoor will suit you! We write all the content to our games ourselves so you cannot buy this from anyone else! Made in the UK too. Please trust your games for birthday fun to us!
BIRTHDAY PASS THE PARCEL GAME Birthday Pass the Parcel Game offers unique fun & special Party games for kids or adults and no faffing with music! Each rhyme directs to whom the gift should be passed to next - from age to eye colour everyone connects and gets engrossed in the game! Buy your winning gift (not included) and wrap in your prettiest paper then add a 'rhyme' card and then wrap again...keep going until all the rhyme cards are gone. Includes 10 A6 postcard sized pass the parcel rhyme cards plus three spot win prizes. You won't need a music system like standard pass the parcel... the rhyme explains where the package passes. No complex pausing required! MANUFACTURED IN THE UK BY A SMALL UK BUSINESS

Birthday Pass the Parcel Rhyme Game - Birthday Party Games