Easter Egg Hunt Treasure Hunt Clue Game

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Easter Egg Hunt Treasure Game
**Just add children and chocolate for Easter fun!**

INSTANT EGG HUNT CLUE PACK - JUST ADD EASTER EGGS & CHILDREN - 10 postcard sized indoor easter egg hunt Easter egg hunt cards + Easter Bunny poem. The easiest easter egg hunt you've ever organised! The missing part of your easter egg hunt kit!

EASY TO SET UP AND PLAY IN YOUR HOME - Simply lay the 10 treasure hunt easter games clue cards in the locations and order specified. Read the children the "Easter Bunny" poem, present the first egg hunt clues and they're off! Easy and fun easter games for kids!

DRESS THE EASTER BUNNY EASTER EGG HUNT GAME - Our magical colourful Scavenger Easter Hunt challenges the children to save the Easter Bunny so he can leave his burrow to deliver the easter baskets and chocolate! Each easter games for children Easter egg hunt clue cards develops the hunt until the children save Easter and are rewarded with Easter chocolate! Magical easter games for the family!

POSTCARD SIZED CLUES IN A PRE-LAID TRAIL AROUND CLASSIC HOME PLACES Easter egg hunt clues visit generic indoor spots like: bed, TV, mirror & shoe. Easter hunt clue cards are postcard sized for easy reading during kids easter games. No need for thinking, we've had all the easter egg hunt ideas for you!

EASTER BUNNY APPROVED FUN Why do easter egg hunt kits never include the easter egg hunts clues?! Grab your easter clues, easter basket & easter chocolate and enjoy the easter party games! Our easter hunt clues make family easter activities on the great hunt easy and fun! Going on a egg hunt with our easter games egg fun has never been so easy!

Full Description:

10 Easter Eggs Hunt Clues Treasure Hunt - Indoor easter egg hunt clues for the easiest chocolate easter egg hunt ever!
Going on an egg hunt has never been so easy as with our easter scavenger hunt for kids! Simply collect your bulk easter egg hunt chocolate and lay the little easter egg hunt pack trail with signs, chicks & easter decorations (not included) suitable for your easter activity & play the classic easter game we know & love! Watch as small children (& big ones too!) delight in the childrens easter magic of surprise treats & clues in their egg basket, bucket or bag & following in easter bunnies footprints with our easter hunt kit! Golden memories of special easter for children baked in!
The Easter Egg hunt trail is pre-laid with specified locations visited by the easter children in order & the egg hunt starts & finish so absolutely no planning required. Our chocolate egg hunt includes a jumbo sized A6 postcard sizes clues so easy to read - please note these clues won't fit in plastic eggs but you could hide assorted treats in hollow fillable plastic eggs or refillable containers or capsules and scatter along the route with easter egg clues remaining outside.
Simple rhyming easter clues with 'fill the blank answer' or easily guessable making easter games for family boys or girls extra easy & fun! Going nuts-free for Easter? Replace the reward at the end with easter toys or gifts instead. n.b. Empty plastic eggs for egg hunt & easter chocolates, sweets and fillers not included in this easter egg game
Example from the hunt eggs game:
Nearly there, you're looking great!
But still a few more items to locate
Hopping around you still need two
Your feet are better off inside a S _ _ _

Easter Egg Hunt Treasure Hunt Clue Game