Easter Egg Hunt Duo for Indoor + Outdoor Double Pack

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Indoor and Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt Duo
  • Instant Easter Egg Hunt +> Just add Eggs!
  • Credit-Card Sized Egg Hunt with 20 Outdoor Clues and 20 Indoor clues: Easter Games and Activities Made Easy with our Easter Egg Hunt Clues!
  • Professionally designed Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Easter Activities for inside the house and out in the garden or park
  • Our Fun Easter Games are made in the UK and delivered FREE
  • Perfect Easter Party Ideas for an Easter Activities for Kids or family easter games for Easter Sunday
  • Easter Egg Hunt Game Lists a range of indoor and outdoor locations from flower bed, to curtains to garage door and cuddly toys; just select the easter game cards you want for your Hunt
Full Description:

Easter Egg Hunt Games where the Easter Bunny has hidden the easter eggs for the children on Easter Sunday have been around for years. 
This is the classic, and best, family easter game there is. 
Simply hide the Easter Egg Hunt Clues around your garden and house and tell the kids ‘the Easter bunny games have begun’…give the children the first easter egg hunt clue and they’re off! 
The easiest and most fun way to enjoy the perfect easter party game! 
Credit card sized easter party game to be big enough to stick on an easter egg or other prize, or fold to fit inside a smaller easter egg or to suit whatever easter egg games you have planned for your easter party activities! 

Example from the outdoor hunt: (20 cards)

Having Fun? Wanting more?! 
The next hiding place is by the B_ _ _ D _ _ _ answer: back door
Example from the indoor hunt: (20 cards) 

Yuck to unwashed dishes! They Create such a stink! 
The item you’re searching for is in the K_ _ _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ 
answer: kitchen sink

How to play:
1. Select the easter egg clues you want to use 
2. Hide the easter eggs the children will find (chocolate or others) in the locations you chose along with the next clue 
3. Enjoy the wonderful easter egg hunt and the memories created together!


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